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Texas grandmother's message to car thieves she tried to fight off: 'It don't belong to you — go to work'


'I'm not just gonna give you something'

Image source: KFDX-TV video screenshot

Sheila Henry — a 60-year-old grandmother — was at a Houston gas station recently getting ready to start her paper route she's been on for 34 years, KFDX-TV reported.

Suddenly, two men approached her and demanded the keys to her truck, the station said.

Nothing doing

Henry tried to get away, but a security camera captured one them chasing after her.

Image source: KFDX-TV video screenshot

Henry fell to her back — but with all the strength in her 5-foot-2-inch frame she fought back, punching and kicking the attacker.

But when the second attacker began to approach as well, Henry gave up her keys — but told KDFX she would've kept fighting if it weren't for the second man.

A stern message

Of the first attacker, she told the station, "He kept saying, 'You better give me them keys.' And I'm [saying], 'No, I'm not giving you these keys.' This is my truck. I'm not just gonna give you something. It don't belong to you — go to work."

Image source: KFDX-TV video screenshot

According to WTHR-TV, Henry added that her assailants "need to get a job. I'm old, and I still work."

KFDX said Henry found her truck a few blocks away later on, as well as her purse that the thieves discarded.

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