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'That was not a Trump interview, it was an infomercial' — CNN's S.E. Cupp brutally rips into Fox News


That is quite a criticism coming from CNN

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CNN's S.E. Cupp criticized what she saw as a lack of journalistic integrity in a Fox News interview of President Donald Trump, saying it was not an interview, but resembled more of an infomercial.

Cupp was reacting to the interview with Fox News' Harris Faulkner where the president denied reports that he had broken campaign finance laws when his former lawyer Michael Cohen made payments to several women to keep their silence about extramarital affairs.

"Number one, they say it's not a campaign finance violation. Number two," the president said during the interview, "or it's not even under campaign finance — number two, if it was, it's not even a violation. Number three, it's a civil matter.

"You know, President Obama had a really big one from ten times more money," he continued, "much more money, and you know what? He paid a fine. I'm the only one that this happens to.

"Trump didn't violate campaign finance laws!" he exclaimed at one point.

'That was not an interview, it was an infomercial'

Cupp decried the interview and criticized Fox News for letting the president use their forum to defend himself without facing enough criticism.

"First, can we just say," Cupp responded, "for the record, that was not an interview, it was an infomercial."

"You know allowing the president to provide his evidence," she added, mimicking the president, "see look look what this paper says and look what this person says!

"To ask the president how he feels about his good approval numbers," she added, "I mean I watched the whole interview, that wasn't journalism, that was an infomercial.

"So I'm not sure we learned much about the investigation," Cupp continued, "or China, or tariffs, or anything else in that orbit because all we heard was what Trump wanted to say and what Fox wanted us to hear.

"So I don't put a whole lot of stock in the questions asked and what his answers were," she concluded.

Here's the video of S.E. Cupp blasting Fox News:

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