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Fox News segment blows up when Geraldo Rivera defends punishing Border Patrol agents: 'Because you're wrong!'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Fox News' "The Five" descended into chaos on Wednesday when Geraldo Rivera seemingly agreed with forthcoming discipline for mounted Border Patrol agents.

What is the background?

Last September, mounted Border Patrol agents were falsely accused of whipping Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas.

Despite the false accusations, the Border Patrol agents involved in the incident were reportedly cleared of criminal wrongdoing. However, the agents will reportedly still face punishment for violating Department of Homeland Security policy.

It's not yet clear what policies the agents violated, nor how they will be disciplined.

What happened on Fox News?

While discussing the forthcoming punishment on "The Five," Rivera signaled that he supports disciplining the agents involved in the incident. But co-hosts Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld immediately interjected.

"In terms of the Border Patrol," Rivera said, "this is, you must admit, when you look at this visual — put up a shot, put up any of the shots of that series —"

"No! No! That's so wrong!" Perino interjected. "You're a lawyer; how can you say this?"

"Yeah, you're a lawyer!" Gutfeld added as Rivera continued to talk.

"You have four grown-ups, and they’re riding these big horses," Rivera continued. "And you got these people that just walked 5,000 miles risking everything, and now there are these big, macho guys —"

"Oh my God," Perino interjected again.

"How would you handle it, Geraldo?" co-host Jesse Watters asked.

"Big, macho guy? You can’t even give these guys a little — you know what? Because you can’t even apologize for being wrong on this," Gutfeld screamed.

Rivera then claimed that he is "delighted that they are not being criminally prosecuted," to which Gutfield immediately responded, "No, you're not. That's not true!"

"Don’t tell me what I am feeling. You can have your opinion, but don’t have my opinion," Rivera fired back. "I think this whole sorry chapter is better off in the rear view."

"Because you're wrong!" Gutfeld shot back. "Any time you're wrong, you wish it would be in the rearview mirror, but no, it's in the front view right now."

Perino: This goes to the top of embarrassing things for the Biden administrationyoutu.be

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin explained Tuesday that an announcement from the DHS regarding the punishment will come "any day now."

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