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'The Five' explodes after Juan Williams accuses co-hosts of regurgitating White House talking points


They did not like the accusation from the show's left-wing commentator

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The usually genial Fox News show "The Five" exploded into angry recriminations on Wednesday after Juan Williams accused the other co-hosts of regurgitating White house talking points.

Williams was talking about the controversy over a phone call from President Donald Trump to the president of Ukraine when he made the snide comment about his co-hosts.

"But, I think ah, just listening here," said Williams, "I think boy those talking points, they've made the rounds, because, the reality is...."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," objected Greg Gutfeld. "What does that mean? Are you saying that I got talking points, Juan?"

"Are you telling me I was told what to say by the White House?" interrupted Jesse Watters.

"No, You gotta answer to the accusation!" Gutfeld exclaimed as Williams tried to continue on.

"No, I'm saying they're all around but here's the point," said Williams.

"You had a whole day to talk!" Objected Gutfeld. "Let's get Katy in, at least she has something to say that's original!"

"Here we go, asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival is illegal," continued Williams. "It's illegal, it's a violation of the constitutional oath."

"Unbelievable," interrupted Gutfeld. "You get that from Media Matters, Juan?"

The White House released a transcript of the phone call with the Ukrainian president, but his critics concluded that it proved he was asking for a foreign power to interfere in the 2020 election. The president and his allies responded by alleging Democrats and the media were protecting Joe Biden, the Democratic primary frontrunner.

Video of the blow up circulated on social media:

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