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Leftist thugs threaten reporter standing outside George Floyd memorial 'autonomous zone': 'You're gonna be in a bad situation in a second'


'You need to get in your car and go ... I don't give a f*** who you are'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BrianEntin

Brian Entin, a correspondent for NewsNation, was on camera this week recording a segment about the volatile situation inside the George Floyd memorial "autonomous zone" in Minneapolis — barricaded blocks where Floyd died last May after being detained by police that are now controlled by left-wing militants.

Soon a pair of black-clad individuals were seen walking toward Entin as he was speaking:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BrianEntin

Despite the fact that Entin was standing on the other side of the memorial's makeshift barrier, it didn't matter to the duo — and they proceeded to threaten the correspondent, who had just finished saying that leaders of the autonomous zone "don't let anyone in, not even the police."

'You're gonna be in a bad situation in a second'

"You're gonna be in a bad situation in a second," one of the militants told Entin.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BrianEntin

"What do you mean by that?" Entin replied.

"Because you've been called out for what you are, and you need to get out of here," the same militant replied.

When Entin continued asking what the problem was, the militant remained vague and threatening: "We know what you are. You need to get in your car and go."

After Entin explained that he was a media member, the militant shot back, "I don't give a f*** who you are. You've been called out for who you are ..." Entin then took the hint and left.

Oh, there's more

Later in the Twitter clip Entin posted Tuesday, he interviewed Minneapolis resident Kim Griffin — and Griffin said her nephew, 28-year-old Imez Wright, was shot and killed at the George Floyd memorial last weekend.

Entin asked Griffin, "Were police able to get in and help him?"

She replied that "police were not allowed to get into that area; he was carried out outside of the zone of George Floyd Square."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BrianEntin

Entin seemed taken aback: "But now allowed by who? I mean, they're the police."

Griffin answered that "it was made clear law enforcement was not welcome to penetrate that zone, which is an atrocity because his life was taken, and I mean, who knows whether or not he would have survived had things been different."

The sub-headline of a Star Tribune report about Wright's death indicates the "fatality occurred near George Floyd Square" while text in the article reads that the "homicide happened close to the scene of George Floyd's death nearly a year ago, at the intersection of 38th and Chicago, now known as George Floyd Square."

Griffin told Entin that "the situation at the memorial ... from what I understand, it's kind of volatile. People that want to go and support doesn't feel a sense of inclusion. There is more of a, like, militant-type atmosphere over there and a sense of fear."

Anything else?

According to NewsNation, Minneapolis leaders said they'll reopen the barricaded autonomous zone after the murder trial of the former police officer accused of killing Floyd; jury selection for the trial has just commenced.

City council members are so concerned about the consequences of the trial that they've budgeted more than $1 million to get positive messages to the public — and are paying six social media influencers with a large local following to share the city's messaging.

Andrea Jenkins, one of two council members representing parts of the neighborhood, told NewsNation that some of her constituents have complained about gunshots and the frequent sound of police helicopters overhead.

"The neighbors deserve to have a level of comfort that does not include gunshots every night, and muggings and carjackings, and all the violent crimes we have been witnessing in this community," Jenkins noted to NewsNation.

More from the outlet:

Violent crime at the intersection and the blocks immediately surrounding it rose dramatically in 2020, though crime also increased citywide. There were 19 nonfatal and fatal shootings in the area in 2020, including 14 shootings from May 1 through Aug. 31. That's compared with three shootings in all of 2019 and none during the summer months.

Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo last month disputed frequent characterizations of the square as an "autonomous zone" but cited those perceptions as a major reason it must be reopened.

Jenkins said officers have been met with "protests, resistance, opposition" that have sometimes led them to avoid policing the area. [group oragnizer Marcia] Howard and other leaders dispute that anyone in the square has impeded officers.

You can read the complete article from NewsNation here.

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