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Teens on TikTok allegedly discover human remains stuffed in a suitcase on Seattle beach


Police have now confirmed it

Image Source: TikTok screenshot

Law enforcement has launched an investigation after teens making a TikTok video allegedly found a suitcase filled with human remains on a Seattle beach last Friday.

In a press release, the Seattle Police Department confirmed that detectives had located "several bags containing human remains" near Alki Beach in West Seattle, including the suitcase that the teens spotted. According to the police, at least one other bag was found floating in the water.

The account @ughhenry posted a video on TikTok the following morning appearing to show the moment when the teens discovered the suitcase and decided to call the police.

"Something traumatic happened that changed my life checkkkk," the description for the video reads.

"We found this black suitcase ... we were joking that maybe the suitcase would have money," captions read over footage which shows a small group of teens approaching the suitcase with curiosity. "[But] as soon as she opened it, the smell was overwhelming."

A girl in the video flings open the suitcase and jumps back as a black garbage bag appearing to be filled with something is revealed.

Subsequent footage shows the teens calling police and later driving by the crime scene, now packed with police cars and a firetruck.

KOMO-TV reported that after the first bag was discovered on the beach, police noticed another floating in the water and attempted to retrieve it.

"There was a police boat and an inflatable boat and they had a hook and they took black plastic bags out," local resident Steven Buty told the news outlet. "I saw them take two bags."

Police have not indicated whether the bags washed up on shore or were originally placed on the beach, saying the investigation is active and ongoing.

The remains are now being analyzed by the King County Medical Examiner's Office.

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