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Trans teen says school won't permit a run for prom king — even though teen ‘identifies’ as male: Run for prom queen or not at all


The school is apparently sticking to its guns

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A Georgia high school refuses to let a transgender student who was born as a female run for prom king.

Dex Frier, who was born female, identifies as male, and told BuzzFeed News that the school is forcing him to run for queen, if he wants to run at all, as Frier is not legally a male.

What are the details?

Frier, a 17-year-old senior at Johnson High School in Gainesville, Georgia, told the outlet that his school issued an ultimatum: run for queen or don't run at all.

The prom is set for this Saturday, and Frier said the news is distressing.

"[School officials] called me [to the principal's office] to tell me I couldn't run for prom king 'cause I wasn't legally male and that was the way it was in Hall County," Frier told BuzzFeed News. "The only way I was eligible to run for prom was to be put on the prom queen ballot."

Frier said that news of the nomination broke last week.

"The announcement came on [and] I was one of six prom king candidates, which is insane. I was one among some of the most popular kids at school," Frier said.

Frier won't get his wish to be prom king, however.

"Just because I'm not legally male I was going to get excluded from something that every guy has the opportunity to be in high school. It was really upsetting," Frier admitted. "As a student I felt I had the right to be put on the ballot."

Who had the final say?

The final order nixing Frier's eligibility to be prom king came down from Will Schofield, superintendent of the district, who issued a staunch statement on the matter.

"I am not interested in being responsible for placing our school district, by acts of commission or omission, in the middle of a national social, societal, and legal issue, which would have the potential to substantially disrupt us from our core mission of providing an education for the boys and girls in our community," Schofield said.

Frier told WSB-TV that the district's decision won't prevent him from going to the dance.

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