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Raging transgender activist caught on video flipping Turning Point USA table at University of Washington: 'Get the f*** off my campus, you Nazi!'

Twitter @RachelA1776 Video Screenshot

A transgender activist engaged in a furious and aggressive confrontation with members of Turning Point USA on the campus of the University of Washington on Wednesday.

The transgender activist is heard saying on video, "Yeah, no, you just support the genocide of trans kids and anyone who supported that."

A member of TPUSA calmly responds, "No. That is such an assumption."

The LGBTQ activist – who was not identified – claims that the TPUSA member is lying.

Pointing to the conservative pamphlets with the faces of the Founding Fathers on the Turning Point USA table, the transgender activist asserts, "Such an assumption with all of this s**t."

The Turning Point USA member asks the activist, "What is anti-trans on the table?"

Without answering the question, the transgender activist frustratingly replies, "You're TPUSA bitches."

The transgender activist then says "whatever" before lashing out and flipping the Turning Point USA table as well as all of the materials on it.

The raging transgender activist screams at the conservative group, "Get the f*** off my campus, you Nazi!"

It appears that the transgender activist then shoves a TPUSA member.

The TPUSA member is heard saying, "That's assault, actually."

Video of the violent outburst was captured by TPUSA campus field organizer Rachel Anderson. She said of the hostile encounter, "Some of that 'tolerance' here at UW! We're not going anywhere and will continue to have a presence on campus."

The official Twitter account for Turning Point USA said of the belligerent altercation, "Angry Leftist student flips TPUSA table Yet ANOTHER example of extreme actions taken against the existence of conservative values on school campuses."

Members of Turning Point said they would contact campus police at the University of Washington to report the antagonistic incident.

TheBlaze reached out to the University of Washington Police Department for comment, but had not received any communication by the time of publication.

Earlier this month, former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was "ambushed and physically hit" as a violent mob pursued her after she delivered a speech warning of the dangers of including biological males in female sports during a TPUSA event at San Francisco State University.

Jamillah Moore, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management at San Francisco State University, praised students involved in the protest that turned violent, "It took tremendous bravery to stand in a challenging space."

Last month, alleged members of Antifa disrupted a Turning Point USA event featuring TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk at the University of California Davis. The event was marred by violence as alleged Antifa members smashed windows, hurled eggs, brawled with police, and intimidated people from attending the speech.

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