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Transgender clinic set to host seminar on the 'problem of whiteness': 'The baby who is born pink learns to become white'



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An NHS transgender clinic will host what the Daily Mail reports is an "anti-racist seminar" on the "problem of whiteness."

What are the details?

Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in London is hosting its second anti-racist seminar in which speaker, activist, and author Helen Morgan is set to explain how simply being white is racist and how the United Kingdom is, by virtue of that, "systemically racist."

Titled "Whiteness — A problem for our time," the seminar will delve into how racism is a "problem of whiteness."

Morgan, the outlet pointed out, will "examine white privilege and white fragility from a psychoanalytic perspective." Her forthcoming book, "The Work of Whiteness," is set to hit shelves in 2021.

"[Morgan] will argue the U.K. is systemically racist and 'white privilege and racism' are maintained by 'white fragility, the color-blind approach, and the silencing of process of disavowal that develops in the childhood of white liberal families," the paper reported.

The Daily Mail said Morgan will also explain that the "work required in relation to whiteness and the relinquishment of privilege is essential if we are to dismantle the system of racism that is so embedded" within society.

The outlet reported that British Psychotherapy Foundation, the British Psychoanalytic Council, and the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists organized the seminar.

The event description, according to the Mail, "suggests the need for white people to turn their gaze and their inquiry towards themselves as one route towards an anti-racist stance in race relations."

What else?

Morgan has previously said that whiteness is a "political and psychological construct" that was first created in 17th century Virginia.

Whiteness, according to Morgan, is a construct devised as a "way of controlling the enslaved and creating political and economic advantage."

As a result, whiteness ultimately "shaped the collective white psyche," which "both recognizes and disavows the reality of white privilege."

"Despite our individual stories, we need to recognize we are part of a white collective with a shared ideology which affords us privilege," she explained. "White ignorance is the way we close our eyes to this inherited white privilege."

As Morgan explained that whiteness has been a problem for generations and generations, even contemporary white children are unwittingly "socialized into whiteness."

"The baby who is born pink learns to become white," Morgan previously stated.

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