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Trey Gowdy slaps down Adam Schiff for his 'wildly stupid trial strategy' in fiery interview


"Adam's ordinarily not that stupid but..."

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Trey Gowdy lobbed a vehement criticism of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for what he called a "wildly stupid trial strategy."

The former congressman from South Carolina made the comments on Fox News on Thursday during the third day of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the US Senate.

"The big question is," asked Brett Baier, "is the way that Adam Schiff said it, do voters never get to trust the vote and only lawmakers can decide what the line is, that a president can get kicked out of office for?"

"Yeah, Brett, Adam's ordinarily not that stupid but when you tell the jury, the Senate, on one day that they're corrupt and then you tell the American people they cannot be trusted to pick the commander in chief, that's just a wildly stupid trial strategy," Gowdy responded.

"Remember when Donald Trump, as a candidate, began to question the reliability of the vote? Remember when he started making allusions to potential voter fraud and he was roundly criticized by everyone that I head in the media for even suggesting that you could not, that you could not rely on a vote total," he added.

"Well Adam Schiff has done exactly the same thing," he continued.

"American people, we don't trust you to factor this in in November, so we need a hundred senators to decide that," Gowdy mocked, in the voice of Democrats he was criticizing.

"It is a wildly stupid trial strategy, only surpassed by [New York Democratic Rep.] Jerry Nadler's insulting of the jury two days ago," he concluded.

Democrats do not have enough votes in the Senate to convict and remove the president, and he is expected to survive the trial with the backing of his Republican allies.

Here are the comments from Gowdy:


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