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Update in Arizona vote count shows Trump gaining on Biden, with 173k ballots left to be counted


The country awaits a resolution to the long election


An update to the vote tally in the key state of Arizona has President Donald Trump gaining on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but still behind with only 173,000 ballots left to count.

The updated count from Maricopa County on Friday evening included 71,932 votes, with 31,433 going to Biden, and 38,388 going to Trump. The difference means that the president added a net gain of 6,955 votes.

That brings the total tally thus far to 1,004,003 vote for Biden and 950,503 votes for the president. This leaves Biden with an advantage of 29,861 votes over the president.

With 173,000 Arizona ballots left to be counted, the margin gets harder and harder for the president to bridge.

That includes about 47,000 provisional ballots, according to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

As of Friday, Biden had already garnered about 253 electoral votes to the president's 214. The Trump campaign has said they expect to win Arizona, and without winning the state the president's pathway to 270 electoral votes becomes prohibitively difficult.

Officials expect to release the count from another tranche of early ballots on Saturday on 9 a.m. Protesters have gathered outside the Maricopa County Election Center since election day to demand a fair election ballot counting process.

Here's more about the election battle in Arizona:

New data released in Arizona vote counts www.youtube.com

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