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'Retract!' — President Donald Trump slams CNN in a tweet demanding they take down 'totally false' report


"This is totally false information and reporting..."

Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

President Donald Trump excoriated CNN once again in a tweet on Friday where he denied a report that he used personal cell phones instead of a more secure government issued cell phone.

"Fake News @CNN is reporting that I am 'still using personal cell phone for calls despite repeated security warnings.' This is totally false information and reporting," he tweeted.

"I haven't had a personal cell phone for years," he added. "Only use government approved and issued phones. Retract!"

The report from CNN cites multiple sources, but only identifies them as US officials.

This is not the first time the media has highlighted the president's phone use.

In October 2018, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported that officials had warned the president that the Russians and the Chinese were likely listening in on his unsecured phone calls but that he was ignoring the warnings.

"According to our reporting, Chinese officials have used what they are gathering from who he talks to, to try to influence who they believe are friends of his," Haberman said to CNN.

CNN has been one of the favorite targets in the media for the president and his allies to attack. He frequently takes to his Twitter account to deny their reports and denounce their journalism.

Here's one of those reports from CNN:

Spies are listening to Trump's phone calls, NYT reports

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