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Media juggernaut Tucker Carlson crushes it on Twitter as latest video amasses nearly 23 million views within 24 hours

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Tucker Carlson posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday in which he announced plans to launch a "new version" of his show on the social media platform — the video, which amassed 22.9 million views within 24 hours, marked Carlson's second recent video to blow up on the social media platform.

Last month after his show was nixed from the Fox News Channel lineup, Carlson posted a brief video on Twitter that has since earned more than 24 million views.

On the heels of Carlson's announcement that he plans to do a show on Twitter, Elon Musk noted that Carlson had not inked a deal with the company and will face the same rules and be eligible for the same benefits as other Twitter content creators.

"On this platform, unlike the one-way street of broadcast, people are able to interact, critique and refute whatever is said," Musk tweeted. "And, of course, anything misleading will get @CommunityNotes. I also want to be clear that we have not signed a deal of any kind whatsoever. Tucker is subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators. Rewards means subscriptions and advertising revenue share (coming soon), which is a function of how many people subscribe and the advertising views associated with the content."

Musk also said he would like left-wing figures to share their content on Twitter too.

"I hope that many others, particularly from the left, also choose to be content creators on this platform," he wrote.

Musk even wrote to liberal media personality Don Lemon, suggesting that he host a show on Twitter.

"Have you considered doing your show on this platform? Maybe worth a try. Audience is much bigger," Musk wrote.

Lemon had long been with CNN, but last month, the company announced that "CNN and Don have parted ways."

Lemon issued a statement in which he said he had been "terminated."

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