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Vaccinated people far less likely to engage in public activities than unvaccinated Americans: poll


Vaccinated Americans are far less likely to engage in public activities than people who have not yet received the coronavirus vaccine, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

A survey of 879 vaccinated American adults and 1,321 unvaccinated adults found that those who were not inoculated against COVID-19 were much more likely to want to return to normal and engage in public activities. Morning Consult gauged the interest in both groups in returning to public activities, including going to the gym, taking a train, going to a party, attending a concert, going to a wedding, traveling abroad, and going on a cruise. In every possible scenario, the respondents that were not vaccinated were more inclined to participate in these public activities and events.

According to the poll, 43% of unvaccinated people felt it was safe to go to the gym versus only 27% of vaccinated Americans given the current state of the coronavirus pandemic. There were 42% of unvaccinated respondents who would attend a concert compared to 23% of vaccinated. When it comes to attending a sporting event, 42% of unvaccinated are ready to go to the ballpark, and 29% of vaccinated would go to the stadium to support their favorite sports team. There were 54% of vaccinated participants ready to get back to dating, while 43% of respondents were prepared to look for love despite being vaccinated for COVID-19. Speaking of love, there were 50% of unvaccinated people who felt comfortable attending a wedding, but just 38% of Americans who are vaccinated would go to a wedding. The poll found that 45% of unvaccinated people would attend a religious gathering versus 35% of those who were vaccinated.

The unvaccinated Americans were most comfortable with dining at a restaurant (63%), shopping at a mall (60%), and renting a car (58%).

When it comes to travel, 43% unvaccinated said they would take a bus, and just 24% for the inoculated group. The survey said 31% of vaccinated felt safe enough to travel abroad, compared to a mere 15% of the vaccinated respondents. When it comes to flying, 40% of the unvaccinated people were ready for air travel and 31% of vaccinated Americans wanted to go on an airplane. A whopping 37% of unvaccinated respondents said they would be comfortable going on a cruise, while only 17% of vaccinated would travel on a cruise line.

The survey conducted from May 6-8 also discovered that 88% of vaccinated people said COVID-19 poses a "severe" or "moderate" health risk in the United States, compared with 70% of unvaccinated respondents.

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