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'Very brutal': Woman in her mid-20s caught on video joining fight between two middle school girls, police say — and punching, kicking one girl in her head, face

Image source: WJBK-TV video screenshot

Police said a woman who was caught on video punching and kicking a middle school girl in her head and face will be charged with felony assault, C&G Newspapers reported.

What are the details?

Video of the incident shows two girls hitting each other around 7 a.m. outside Roseville Middle School in Michigan on Nov. 22, the paper said.

Soon the clip shows that a woman in her mid-20s, who's related to one of the girls in the fight, shows up and begins swinging at the other girl, C&G Newspapers said. The woman is wearing red shoes.

Image source: WJBK-TV video screenshot

The woman then appears to kick the same girl twice in the face, the paper said.

Image source: WJBK-TV video screenshot

Image source: WJBK-TV video screenshot

“We’ve identified the adult. We secured a warrant [Dec. 1] for her arrest,” Roseville Police Department Deputy Chief Mitchell Berlin told the paper. “We are working with another jurisdiction in an attempt to pick her up as we speak.”

It was unclear what sparked the fight, C&G Newspapers said, adding that Roseville Community Schools Superintendent Mark Blaszkowski would not comment on what grades the students involved are in.

“The two girls got into a fight. Another individual who does not go to our school intervened and joined in the fight,” Blaszkowski added to the paper.

Image source: WJBK-TV video screenshot

The woman who joined in the fight reportedly left the scene with the girl to whom she's related, C&G Newspapers said.

Image source: WJBK-TV video screenshot

WJBK-TV reported that after a 911 call, officers arrived at the scene and administered aid to the beaten-up student.

“She kicked a junior high student in the face at least twice, as well as struck her in the head numerous times,” Berlin told the paper. “She came in as a third party in the altercation and blindsided the young girl. When the girl went down, she kicked her in the face twice, causing injury to the young girl. It’s very brutal, uncalled for, and won’t be tolerated in the city of Roseville.”

Blaszkowski declined to comment to C&G Newspapers regarding whether the students were suspended but did say the parents of the student kicked in the face were called and alerted about what happened.

WJBK interviewed shocked parents who said they weren't even notified about the fight.

Roseville police on Tuesday didn't immediately reply to TheBlaze's request for additional information on the woman they've identified in the video.

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