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VIDEO: Veteran and Trump supporter confronts Communists burning American flag in front of the White House


There was a short altercation just ahead of the president's Fourth of July celebration

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

A small scuffle ensued when a pro-Communist group lit an American flag on fire in front of the White House and a veteran Trump supporter confronted them over it.

The altercation happened just minutes before the Fourth of July celebration that President Donald Trump declared at the nation's capital.

Video of the altercation was posted on social media [caution, some strong language]:

The man grabbed the American flag away from the communists and put out the flames. He wore a red shirt with the Trump 2016 campaign motto, "Make America Great Again."

In the video, he identified himself as a military veteran.

The pro-communist New York City Revolution Club took credit for the demonstration on social media and accused the Trump supporter of starting the confrontation.

"Today, the Revcoms burnt that rag for the people of the world today!" they quoted from a protester.

The communist account also indicated that one of their members was arrested by Capitol police over the altercation.

Here's another video of the scuffle:

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