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VIDEO: Biden supporters assume they'll escape the wrath of Black Lives Matter. Think again, kids.


'Who do you think you are telling black people how to protest? You f***ing white-ass privilege old man!'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @MrAndyNgo

Everybody knows radical leftist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter enjoy physically damaging and intimidating those who don "Make America Great Again" hats and emit even the slightest scent of support for President Donald Trump.

But garden variety Democrats beware: You may think you're on the same team as BLM & Co. and escape their rampaging wrath — but you're not, and you won't.

What happened?

Video posted by conservative journalist Andy Ngo revealed some cognitively dissonant moments on election night when hundreds of protesters shut down the streets of southeast Portland and confronted residents — even if they supported Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Case in point was a man who stood on his porch and hollered at the protesters, "There's my Biden sign! Don't destroy anything! Be peaceful!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @MrAndyNgo

Oh, but the guy's supposed sociopolitical teammates weren't having any of it.

"No one cares about your white-ass opinion!" one woman began yelling. "Who do you think you are telling black people how to protest? You f***ing white-ass privilege old man!"


Another woman hollered, "Asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @MrAndyNgo

It didn't get any better when the man left the relative safety of his porch and spoke to the protesters up close and personal.

But one leftist told him, "You just came out to instigate violence!"

Then a woman got in the man's face and told him, "At this point you're distracting the movement, so go the f*** home!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @MrAndyNgo

In a separate scene, another man made the mistake of yelling at protesters, "Dude, I'm on your f***ing side!" Because with that a woman screamed back at him, "No, you're not! No, you're f***ing not!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @MrAndyNgo

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Language):

How did observers react?

As you might guess, folks who've apparently seen these things play out before weren't the least bit surprised at the left once again eating their own:

  • "They aren't on your side," one commenter wrote. "They want to see the whole system burn, and you will be a casualty in their revolution, and they don't care."
  • "Idiots! I have no sympathy. They ask for it by voting Biden," another person noted. "It's soul crushing to see so many brainwashed stupid WEAK Oregonians. If we had WW3, these people would surrender at the first angry glare of invaders."
  • "Thanks for once again proving to everyone that Antifa does not align with the Dems," another user said.
  • "Lmao 'I'm with you!' F***ing loser," another commenter declared. "Do you get it now? They don't care about you! These BLM rioters don't care about police brutality; it's all about getting pay back. Instead of trying to come together they want to destroy our country in an effort to take control."

So, buckle up, Dems. Don't think your support for Biden and even for radical leftist groups will buy you an ounce of security when they're pounding on your door, chanting outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night, and blocking your vehicle when you need to pick up your kids from school.

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