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VIDEO: Black NYPD officer mocks overly cautious policing tactics


Cop lampoons new overly cautious NYPD strategies when dealing with criminals, offers a 'comfortable' arrest.

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A black NYPD cop recorded a video to lampoon new and overly cautious policing tactics being implemented in New York City following the nationwide protests against police brutality.

In the parody video, the unnamed NYPD police officer said he has been "studying these tactical videos" that he has been required to watch, which are part of the movement to reform police departments following George Floyd's death.

The officer says when approaching possible criminals to "make sure you're in a comfortable body state" and maybe strike a relaxed "beach pose" to be as non-threatening as possible.

The cop then acts out a hypothetical arrest of a criminal who has shot two people. "Hello, sir, you are under arrest," the cop says. "You know what, maybe we're just detaining you, we're not sure."

"What we're going to need you to do is to lay down on the ground," he tells the imaginary perp. "Me and my counterpart here ... are going to approach you, touch your shoulder, and hopefully, slide your arm to the back."

The officer then attempts to handcuff the fictional shooting suspect, but the offender objects to having his arms put behind his back to be handcuffed because it is "uncomfortable." The cop is accommodating and agrees to use multiple handcuffs so as not to force the suspect into an uncomfortable position.

The NYPD cop then pretends to call the police dispatcher to request backup because the theoretical shooting suspect complained that the ground is too hard, and the officer requests a comfy mat to be brought to the crime scene to make it cozy for the arrestee.

"Oh, the ground's too hard? Don't worry, we've got the mats coming for you," the cops tells the make-believe suspect.

"You may not be under arrest, I'm not sure," he jokes in the spoof video. "I have a supervisor coming who is going to supervise me, and he'll be supervised by a supervisor whose supervising the supervisor, and we're just all going to sit here and watch you tell us what to do."

The NYPD started to reform its police force last month by eliminating the controversial plainclothes units known as "anti-crime units," impacting about 600 officers.

Earlier this month, the New York City Council approved Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to cut nearly $1 billion from the NYPD's budget and divert funds to "youth and social services as part of our city's budget."

During the rise of anti-cop sentiment and as the "defund the police" movement gained popularity nationwide, there was a 49% increase in retirements from the New York Police Department between May 25 until June 23, compared to the same period in 2019.

New York City has experienced a wave of crime in recent weeks. One report found that shootings skyrocketed by more than 200% last month.

(CAUTION: Explicit language)

Black NYPD Officer Mocks Cautious Policing Tactics in 2020www.youtube.com

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