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Video shows body of desperate Afghan who died clinging to landing gear of US military plane, trying to flee Taliban: report

Image source: NY Post video screenshot

Authorities discovered human remains inside the wheel well of a C-17 military plane fleeing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan on Monday, the Washington Post and the New York Post reported.

Desperate Afghani people swarmed departing planes earlier in the day in a bid to escape the country as the Taliban took over Afghanistan's capital city, Kabul.

What are the details?

Video footage obtained by the New York Post reportedly shows an Afghan's lifeless body flapping in the air as the C-17 transport plane speeds through the sky.

The landing gear on the plane, which took off from Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday, was rendered temporarily inoperable due to the presence of the body. Pilots were reportedly forced to make an emergency landing in a nearby country because they were unable to retract the plane's landing gear, both outlets reported and explained that the person was believed to have climbed onto the plane's landing gear in an attempt to stow away on the aircraft.

Olympian and veteran Eli Bremer tweeted about the grisly finding, writing, "This is what failed foreign policy looks like. I was just sent this from an Air Force pilot. Policy mistakes matter. Biden continues his streak of being on the wrong side of virtually every US foreign policy decision."

(Content warning: disturbing photo):

What else?

The new video joins the ranks of other horrifying footage of desperate, panicked Afghanis that was captured on Sunday and Monday after the Taliban's forceful takeover. One such video captured bodies falling from the exterior of a U.S. military aircraft during a hasty departure from the Kabul airport.

On Monday, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that the Defense Department has temporarily frozen military and civilian flights in an attempt to clear the airfield. But Kirby said late Monday that the U.S. had resumed flights out after taking control of Kabul's airport. The U.S. had sent more troops to help secure the airport so that American citizens, embassy staff, and Afghans can leave the country.

President Joe Biden on Monday addressed the nation on the Taliban's seizure control following a weekend of silence. In his remarks, the president declared "the buck stops with me" while placing nearly all of the blame for the rapid decline of circumstances on former President Donald Trump.

(Content warning: disturbing video footage):

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