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VIDEO: Far-left protesters celebrate July 4th by burning, stomping American flag outside White House


'America was never great'

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Far-left protesters celebrated American independence outside the White House on Saturday by burning and stomping on the American flag.

Video taken from outside the White House following President Donald Trump's Independence Day speech showed protesters defiling Old Glory while shouting, "America was never great!"

"Know what this f***king flag represents," one protester says, before leading others in a chant.

"One, two, three, four, slavery, geno-cide, and war," the protesters scream. "Five, six, seven, eight, America was never great. America was never great. America was never great."

(Content Warning: The following videos contain strong language):

According to The Hill, the demonstrations were organized by a group with communist principles.

The flag-burning was organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party. A speak out before the event was held by Refuse Fascism, which also held protests nationwide on July Fourth calling for the removal of Trump and Vice President Pence from office. Refuse Fascism posted on its website that it also created and then tore down a "statue" of Trump outside of Trump Tower in New York.

Other videos showed alleged Black Lives Matter protesters say, "F*** the 4th of July, F*** the American flag," while other videos showed demonstrators dance on the American flag.

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