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VIDEO: Florida mom's hilarious story about spreading Christmas cheer goes mega-viral with millions of views


'I'm feeling the holiday spirit!'

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A mom's video about trying and failing to spread Christmas cheer at a Florida gas station went mega-viral when she posted it on social media.

Mary Katherine Backstrom of Fort Myers, Florida, posted the story on her Facebook page. She said her story happened at a Wawa convenience store and gas station.

"I read this little article, a Christmas article, about how everybody's so generous over the holidays and it makes everything so magical, and so y'all, I was just in this place," she said on the video.

"This lady behind me is buying her ginger ale, and I realize all she has is ginger ale, and so I'm like, I'm feeling the holiday spirit!"

Backstrom said the Christmas spirit led her to buy the lady's ginger ale.

"And I can't afford to buy people Starbucks like all of those givers do, because those drinks are like seven or eight bucks!" she joked.

"It was this precious moment!" she added.

When she left the gas station and went to her car, Backstrom said she was overjoyed to see a man cleaning her windshield.

"I see this man, he's cleaning my windshield, and I'm convinced that this is the Christmas magic!" she said.

Backstrom said that she walked up to the man and thanked him, saying, "This is my favorite part of humanity! I love Christmas so much, thank you for doing this!"

Overcome with the spirit, she hugged him. Then she made a realization.

"It wasn't my car!" she exclaimed.

She said her car was directly in front of his car, and that he was washing his own windshield.

"Anyway, I'm sharing this with y'all because I'm out here hugging strangers in the gas station because the magic of Christmas is so powerful!" she laughed uproariously.

"I think he thought I was insane!" she added.

Although she mistook the Christmas spirit, she spread plenty of cheer with her story, which has been viewed more than 29 million times.

Here's the video of the hilarious story:

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