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Video: Jewelry store owner fights crowbar-wielding robber who smashes display case. But when owner pulls gun, crook takes off running.

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot, composite

Surveillance video caught the moment when yet another smash-and-grab robber — this one wielding a crowbar — broke the glass on a display case in a jewelry store in San Bruno, California.

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot

But instead of running off with valuable merchandise, this crook came face to face with Usman Bhatti — the store's owner — and Bhatti wasn't about to let the smash-and-grab robber get away without a fight.

What happened?

Police told KRON-TV that five males in their teens to early 20s came to the jewelry store in the Tanforan Mall just after 1 p.m. Jan. 21.

Video, however, shows only one suspect smashing the store's glass display case. With that, Bhatti is seen running at the would-be robber and shoving him backward.

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot

The suspect then turned toward the owner and raised the crowbar as if he was going to hit him, police told the station.

But then Bhatti pulled his gun and pointed it at the crook, who immediately took off running. Surveillance video shows what appears to be at least one of the crook's accomplices, who was outside the store, also running away.

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot

Officials told KRON the store owner has a concealed carry permit, that no injuries were reported, and that no guns were fired.

'A bad experience'

Bhatti spoke to KRON in a separate story, saying that "it was a bad experience. I mean everybody is giving me a thumbs up ... [but] I don’t really feel good about it."

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot

However, he added to the station that "I will feel good when I see people are really trying to protect themselves and others rather than just back off."

Bhatti told KRON that smash-and-grab robberies have been a menace of late for business owners across the Bay Area. Days after he fought off the crowbar-wielding crook, a second jewelry store at the mall was hit, the station reported.

Police have released two sets of images of the suspects wanted for committing these crimes, KRON said.

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot

One of them was armed, KRON said.

Image source: KRON-TV video screenshot

Bhatti pleaded with the powers that be to act.

"I would like to reach out to the lawmakers, please do something," he told the station, adding that "everybody has [rights], but when it comes to the small business we don't have no rights."

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