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'I'm sick of this s**t!': Fed-up man caught on video turning over tables, throwing barricades at CHOP
Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite

'I'm sick of this s**t!: Fed-up man turns over tables, tosses barricades at CHOP — and appears to pull gun when someone with knife objects

'Move the f*** outta my way!'

One man apparently fed up with downtown Seattle's autonomous zone, now known as CHOP, recently was caught on video dismantling barricades and signs blocking one of the occupied streets.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But someone else didn't like that very much — and appeared to pull a knife on the fed-up man. Problem is, the disgruntled individual forgot that it's never wise to bring a knife to a gun fight.

Yup, the man tearing down part of CHOP appeared to be armed with something a lot more potent than a blade:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The gun-toting man ordered his adversary to put the knife down — and fortunately another person who came along apparently to help de-escalate the situation soon had the knife in hand.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

With that, the fed-up man resumed his mission.

He grabbed one barricade while a different observer actually tried to stand in front of him — but to no avail: "Move the f*** outta my way!"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

As the man walked past and prepared to toss the barricade, the observer asked, "So, black man versus black man? This is what they want!"

The man replies, "Who gives a f***?"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

As he tossed more barricades, the fed-up man declared, "I'm sick of this s**t! F*** all you guys! Go home!"

In one jaw-dropping moment, the distressed observer actually complained that "you're destroying their property!"

Oh, but that was just a warm up: Seconds later the fed-up man began turning over tables, scattering odds and ends all over the street, before walking away in disgust.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

'Get your own f***in' movement'

In a different cut of the same video, the fed-up man was seen speaking to a handful of people from a sidewalk, saying CHOP is "not a black movement" and chiding his listeners for following white people.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"Get your own f***in' movement," the man added. "What you guys are doing ... nobody's gonna hear."

Content warning: Language:

Black guy guy gets knife pulled and draws gun while telling protestor to get off his streetyoutu.be

How are folks reacting to the video?

It isn't clear who the table-turning, barricade-tossing man is, but Twitter users who watched him tear down part of CHOP seem to like him a lot:

  • "A real king," one user said.
  • "This is great," another user wrote. "This is one man getting the job done without violence. Imagine if 5 or 10 people joined him and helped. This is why the @GOP is so puzzling with their pandering. If you go straight at the bully, they back down. This guy is a great example."
  • "That was awesome," another user added. "We're sick of that s**t too."
  • "Funny how they complained about him 'destroying' their property!" another user wrote. "Hypocrites!"
  • "More people like this please," another user commented.

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