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Video: Students support socialism — until they find out what it actually would mean for them as a person


This went as well as you can imagine

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Students at Florida International University loved the idea of socialism — until Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips explained how it could personally impact them.

Phillips visited the Miami university to discuss the concept of socialism and its effects with young adults. The majority of the students interviewed said that they preferred socialism to capitalism, hands down; there was no question about it.

However, when Phillips asked the students how they'd like to "share" their GPAs and "spread the wealth" with students attaining lower grades — à la socialism — they balked.

Predictably, the students who initially vouched for the concept of socialism changed their stances entirely when they were faced with having to share something personal, and something for which they worked hard.

Here are some of the more interesting responses below:

  • "I'm all for helping; I wouldn't give some of my [GPA] points. ... I've lost a lot of sleep, I don't know if I would be fair."
  • "I guess it would be kind of, like, hypocritical for me to say 'no.'"
  • "That's completely different. I'm studying all day for my grade."
  • "No, straight up. ... I feel like the difference is, uh, you study for your grades."
  • "I sacrifice a lot to get my GPA ... so, no, I wouldn't sacrifice my own things."
  • "You're basically profiting off my work for you, so who's really the bad guy here?"
  • "No ... what about the ones who aren't really working hard for your grades?"
  • "That's the complete opposite of meritocracy."
  • "There would be no point to having a GPA, then. ... Is it fair for everyone to have the same outcome or the same opportunity?"

Students Support Socialism... But Not With Their GPA

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