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Virginia gun sales skyrocket amid Democrats' plans to pass gun control laws


'We can't keep it in stock'

Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Gun sales for at least one Virginia gun store have gone through the roof recently, as the Democrats who control the state government have been clear about their desire to pass stricter gun control laws, according to the Washington Examiner.

Amid fears that access to guns could be seriously limited in the future, more people are stocking up than ever before, said Jerry Rapp, owner of SpecDive Tactical. Kerry Pickett reported:

"This is the largest Christmas and November, December that we've had, basically, since Trump has come on board. The only other person that was a better salesman right now is when we had President Obama," said Jerry Rapp, owner of SpecDive Tactical, in Alexandria, comparing the administrations of President Trump and his White House predecessor, Barack Obama.

"Every time [Obama] turned around he was going to ban something or make something illegal. But even that isn't even close to the amount of sales we're selling right now of magazines, of guns, of every kind of gun from pistol, rifle, shotguns, to AR platforms" and ammunition," Rapp told the Washington Examiner. "We can't keep it in stock."

Rapp also said more people are paying in cash, a possible reaction to proposed federal legislation that would allow gun purchases to be tracked using credit card data — a bill that, while it seems unlikely to become law right now, is cause for concern for gun owners who see Second Amendment rights being challenged across the country and by presidential candidates.

Virginia Democrats have proposed legislation that would ban so-called assault weapons, require universal background checks, and limit gun purchases to one per month, among others. The proposals sparked dozens of counties in the state to become Second Amendment sanctuaries, in which law enforcement would agree not to emphasize enforcement of new gun control laws.

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