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Florida man shoots at Instacart driver's car mistakenly on his property; prosecutor orders probe after police closed case

Image source: WFLA screenshot

A Florida prosecutor has ordered an investigation after a homeowner shot at a delivery vehicle that had mistakenly turned onto his property, WFLA reported Monday.

April 15, Waldes Thomas Jr. and 18-year-old girlfriend Diamond Darville were making an Instacart delivery when they mistook Antonio Caccavale's property in a Fort Lauderdale suburb for that of his neighbor, the Washington Post reported.

Caccavale reportedly shot at the couple's car after the couple had a verbal exchange with Caccavale's 12-year-old son, who had been instructed to ask the couple to leave the family's property.

Initially, police closed the case.

"Each party appeared justified in their actions based on the circumstances they perceived," a Davie Police Department's lead detective report acquired by the Tampa Bay Times said.

The report also said that without video, he could not determine if anyone involved had committed a crime.

Beyond the fact that the couple turned in to the wrong house, an exchange with the son occurred, and no one was physically injured, the accounts of each party diverge.

According to Caccavale, his son, whom he sent out to ask the couple to leave the property, yelled for help. Caccavale said he told the boy to run when he saw the car driving erratically, hitting objects.

Fearing for his life and the life of his son, Caccavale says he fired at the car's tires after the car drove toward him and ran over his foot.

According to Thomas and Darville, the people making the Instacart delivery, Caccavale approached them "aggressively" after the couple had put the car into reverse and hit a boulder. They also allege that Caccavale grabbed onto the driver door window.

Though the case was initially closed, Broward County State Attorney Harold Pryor, calling the incident "very disturbing," ordered police to open an investigation and legal review, the Post also reported.

"Once the police investigation is completed and forwarded to my office, prosecutors will conduct a thorough review of all of the facts presented, the evidence, and the applicable law," Pryor said in a statement acquired by the Post.

"Prosecutors will then make a decision about whether criminal charges should be filed."

Watch WFLA's coverage of a Broward County prosecutor ordering a probe into the confrontation between a homeowner and a couple attempting to make an Instacart delivery below.

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