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'War zone': Footage of CHAZ shooting goes viral after zone 'security' confiscates livestreamer's phone


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A Twitch user caught a shooting in Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — also known as CHAZ or CHOP— on camera Sunday night.

Just moments later, a man, who purported to be zone "security," confiscated the user's phone.

This is the second shooting in the CHAZ in as many days.

What are the details?

Twitch user Shawn Whiting livestreamed the shooting and its aftermath on Sunday evening.

Following the shooting, a member of the zone's "security" team can be seen confiscating Whiting's cellphone. The security member demands that Whiting delete the footage he just caught on camera.

"Give me that f***ing phone, man," the man can be heard telling Whiting. "What the f*** are you doing? … Hey, hey! Delete that s***! Delete that f***ing s***!"

"That's my phone!" Whiting says after the man confiscates his mobile.

"I do not give a f***," the confiscator can be heard insisting. "I do not care."

The Seattle Times on Sunday tweeted about the shooting, writing, "BREAKING: A shooting -- the second in 48 hours -- was reported Sunday night in the area known as the CHOP, or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. One person with a gunshot wound was in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center."

On Monday, NOQ Report noted that Whiting had been livestreaming for about four hours before the shooting and confiscation taking place.

"Whiting was livestreaming on Twitch for just under four hours," the outlet reported. "Near the end, gunshots can be heard. At the time, it was unclear if the noise was actual gunshots or fireworks, but his phone continued to livestream after it was taken by a member of CHOP 'security.' The man who carried the phone away confirmed at least one person had been shot."

Other people can be heard claiming that the area has become a "war zone."

'Another n***** just got shot," a man can be heard saying.

Before his phone is confiscated, Whiting can be heard calling the situation a "nightmare," and predicts the "end of CHOP."

"Security" personnel eventually returned Whiting's phone.

Whiting shared the full stream online Monday, writing, "Here's my unedited footage of the shooting at the Seattle #CHAZ / #CHOP free zone tonight … I have no details on what happened besides what appears in the video. Afterwards no one laid hands on me but they did take my phone. They then gave it back."

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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