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Liz Warren's brother reportedly 'furious' with how she refers to their father on the campaign trail


Another white lie from Warren?

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) peppers her presidential campaign stops with stories of her brothers, but one is reportedly "furious" with how she referred to their father.

The Boston Globe quoted a family friend on the disagreement between the presidential hopeful and David Herring, her brother.

"When she called her dad a janitor during the early stages of this, David was furious," said Pamela Winblood, who is 78 years old and a longtime friend of his.

Winblood recalled that he told her, "My Dad was never a janitor," to which she replied, "Well, he was a maintenance man."

Warren has often described her father as a janitor on the campaign trail in order to highlight her humble beginnings on the road to becoming a U.S. senator and a presidential candidate.

She has also been criticized for bending the truth in order to to create a favorable political narrative. Most notably, she was forced to apologize for claiming that she had a Native American heritage.

Here's a tweet with the claim:

Warren used the janitorial descriptor when she fended off a critic asking her about her millionaire "one percenter" status in September 2017.

"I was born into a family where my daddy had one job after another, he ended up as a janitor," she responded. "My mom worked in a minimum wage job at Sears."

Here's more about Warren's campaign problems:

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