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Wealthy Democrat, whose platform includes road safety and 'environmental justice,' racks up more than 80 traffic and parking tickets in his 2 SUVs

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It seems that a new member of Congress has been in a real hurry lately. In the last six years, he has amassed over 80 traffic tickets and parking violations, totaling more than $6,500.

On Saturday, the New York Post first reported that Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), the freshman congressman from New York City's 10th district, had 84 traffic and parking tickets assessed against two SUVs registered in his name: a 2014 Range Rover and a 2019 Lincoln Navigator Reserve.

Many of the tickets are garden-variety parking violations, including parking in a no-parking zone, double parking, parking on the sidewalk, and expired registration. However, other citations are more alarming. In 2019, one of his vehicles was ticketed for blowing a red light and later for parking in front of a fire hydrant. And in the last four years, that same vehicle has been caught speeding through a school zone on 18 different occasions. Goldman's most recent citation came last month, when he was cited for parking illegally in the Upper East Side.

Despite a long rap sheet of traffic violations, Rep. Goldman has pledged his commitment to improving traffic safety. "Ensuring that our streets are safe begins with our city fleet," Goldman said just a few weeks ago when discussing a program that would equip city-owned vehicles with active, intelligent speed-assistance technology.

"I look forward … to keep[ing] New Yorkers safe on the road," he added.

In addition to his platform regarding road safety, Goldman has also walked in lockstep with those promoting the Green New Deal. "I am proud to join the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition in the fight for environmental justice and a comprehensive and equitable green energy transition," he said just a few days ago.

Though he pays lip service to "environmental justice" and "sustainable energy," his two luxury SUVs seem to belie his dedication to the cause, as noted by the New York organization STREETSBLOG, which aims to reduce vehicle traffic and promote bike and foot traffic instead. That's "not a pair of cars that a self-proclaimed environmentalist should be driving," the blog stated. The blog also alleged that Goldman is now ushered about in a different, gas-guzzling SUV, a Cadillac Escalade, though that report has not been independently confirmed.

Goldman, 46, is the heir to the Levi Strauss jeans fortune and is worth an estimated $253 million. He and his wife and their five children live in a NYC condo valued at $27 million. Though the race for the newly redrawn 10th congressional district was rather crowded in 2022, Goldman prevailed, largely because he funneled millions of his own money into his campaign. Now that he has been sworn in, he is one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Before he was elected, Goldman served as one of the lead attorneys against former President Donald Trump in the first impeachment proceedings in 2019.

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