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Whoopi Goldberg suggests God is OK with abortion since 'God made us smart enough to know when' giving birth 'wasn’t going to work for us' — plus 'freedom of choice'

Image source: Fox News video screenshot

Co-host of "The View" Whoopi Goldberg suggested on Wednesday's episode that God is OK with abortion since "God made us smart enough to know when" giving birth "wasn’t going to work for us" and added that God gave us "freedom of choice."

What are the details?

Conservative guest co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck promoted adoption centers and pro-life "agencies" as alternatives for women who don't want to go through with their pregnancies, Fox News said.

Hasselbeck said women experiencing crisis pregnancies can "look for the nonprofits, look for the agencies that help you create a birth plan and match you with an adoptive family who may have suffered miscarriage after miscarriage who want to care for the baby," the cable network added.

Hasselbeck also said, "I don’t believe in giving women half the information out there," Fox News reported, adding that's when Goldberg invoked God.

"Those lives have a precious value on them," Hasselbeck also said.

"They do," Goldberg responded. "And as you know, God doesn’t make mistakes. God made us smart enough to know when it wasn’t going to work for us. That’s the beauty of giving us freedom of choice." Goldberg's "it" presumably refers to going through with pregnancies.

Hasselbeck replied with "no" two times before Goldberg argued back, "Yes!" and added that her "relationship" with God "is always choppy ... because I have a lot of questions."

With that, Hasselbeck reminded Goldberg that God "loves you" and that "you're his favorite, I think."

"Listen, I have no doubt," Goldberg replied. "But I also know that God made me smart enough to know that if there are alternatives out there that can work for me, I will investigate them."

Goldberg then invoked the words of Jesus Christ from Matthew 7:12 to justify her pro-choice stance: "But I also know God said, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ I will not make that decision for anybody."

Hasselbeck countered, "What about the life in the womb?" and added, "I will say this, that life has a plan and a purpose designed by God. I don’t believe there's any circumstance where —"

Goldberg responded, "I love that you feel that way."

Anything else?

Fox News reported that co-host Joy Behar argued against Hasselbeck's promotion of adoption, saying too many children are waiting for adoption : "There are 117,000 children waiting to be adopted right now, so it’s not such a snap thing, ‘I’ll have the baby and it will be put up for adoption.’"

The cable network added that co-host Sara Haines said adopted babies "get turned into a social system that fails them."

However, Fox News contributor Joe Concha on Thursday's edition of "Fox & Friends First" pushed back against Goldberg's points and said "I'm pretty sure God [isn't] pro-abortion."

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