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Overjoyed Fox host Will Cain celebrates Texas’ reopening in packed diner: ‘This is freedom right here’


'Let me show you what 100% capacity looks like'

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Fox News host Will Cain went viral for celebrating freedom at a crowded Texas diner amid Texas' statewide reopening.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced in early March that the statewide mask mandate would be rescinded and businesses could reopen at 100% capacity if they so desired beginning on March 9.

What are the details?

A clearly excited Cain appeared at a crowded Texas diner on Wednesday, where he interviewed customers.

"Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy introduced Cain on Wednesday morning, who appeared at Bill Smith's Cafe in McKinney, Texas, for a Breakfast with Friends event via livestream.

"Let me show you what 100% capacity looks like," Cain said. "This is freedom right here."

Later in the segment, Cain spoke with a diner who said that states should never have been locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Here in Texas, we probably closed down a little too tight," he said. "Gov. Abbott has changed. You look at New York and California, they have stuck with the lockdown process. [Gov. Ron] DeSantis in Florida left his state very wide open, had a high percentage of at-risk people, and performed well."

Elsewhere during the clip, Cain introduced criminal defense attorney Roland Monteros.

"Assess the situation and think for yourself," Monteros said. "Like Rush Limbaugh wanted us to do. Think for yourself. Don't do what Rush would do. Don't do what you think Walt Disney would do. Do what you would do after you assess the situation. Think for yourself."

Cain also spoke with a diner named Gus, a retired New York City police sergeant, who moved to Texas from New York City a decade ago.

During the exchange, Cain asked what brought Gus to Texas.

"I like my guns, and I lean a certain way, and I came here to assimilate," Gus said to a round of applause from other diners.

When it comes to mask-wearing, Cain ultimately said that people should be left to make their own choices.

"People treat people as adults, not children, and they'll make adult decisions," he said. "Responsible decisions."

Fox News visits diner packed to '100% capacity' with mask-free Texans

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