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William Shatner flattens 'virtue signaling' critics online who are accusing him of transphobia
Image Source: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

William Shatner flattens 'virtue signaling' critics online who are accusing him of transphobia

Shatner didn't back down to the online mob

Iconic actor William Shatner flattened an online mob demanding that he apologize for his stance on the use of the word "cisgender" as an epithet.

The "Star Trek" celebrity addressed the controversy by explaining that some people were using "cis" as an insult to degrade those who disagreed with the transgender lobby.

"CIS can be used as a slur. Look at the use of it. I didn't attack anyone, I asked that the label not be used in tweets to me," he tweeted with screenshots of the word being used as an insult.

"Sorry if you think that you cannot live a normal life without demanding to use the label on someone who has asked it not be used. It's a petty argument," he added.

One screenshot showed a response that called him "just another rich white cishet bully."

"Cisgender" is a term used by transgender advocates to describe people with traditional gender roles. They prefer this term because it removes any implication that transgender is non-normal, and that traditional genders are more normal.

'What a disgusting cis male'

Another screenshot showed a response saying, "He is blinded by is [sic] white privilege. What a disgusting cis male he is."

Shatner reiterated his stance that "cis" was being used by some as a slur.

"CIS & Trans are self described terms. Only an individual can use them on themselves. To use it on another individual is a form of 'outing' that bully groups used to do on people they thought were homosexual," responded Shatner.

"It's wrong & I don't like the label. You don't have a say in how I feel," he added.

Shatner joins author J.K. Rowling among the few celebrities who have stood up to the LGBT lobby online. Rowling was criticized and "cancelled" for disagreeing slightly with the transgender political agenda by claiming that "natal girls" need protections from predators using trans-approved bathroom policies.

For her heresy, she was called a "TERF," another transgender lobby insult that stands for "transgender exclusionary radical feminists."

Here's more about celebrities angering the transgender lobby:

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