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'Harry Potter' author J.K. Rowling doubles down on her transgender heresy and woke Twitter is melting down


'This is HATE. Don't ingest this BS. I beg you'

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Author J.K. Rowling, the creator of the celebrated 'Harry Potter' book series, doubled down on her disagreement with the transgender agenda and the social justice warrior corner of Twitter melted down in response.

Rowling wrote an essay and posted it with the tweet message, "TERF wars." TERF is an acronym used as an epithet by transgender activists to denigrate women who disagree with their agenda. It stands for "Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists."

In the lengthy essay, Rowling described how she became a targeted enemy of the transgender lobby while investigating the issue of transgender rights. She also says that she has gotten an avalanche support from those concerned about the ramifications of the transgender political effort.

"Trans people need and deserve protection. Like women, they're most likely to be killed by sexual partners," she wrote.

"So I want trans women to be safe. At the same time, I do not want to make natal girls and women less safe. When you throw open the doors of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he's a woman – and, as I've said, gender confirmation certificates may now be granted without any need for surgery or hormones – then you open the door to any and all men who wish to come inside," she explained.

"That is the simple truth," she concluded.

'The worst kind of transphobe'

Allies of the transgender political movement were incensed that Rowling persisted in her denial of their agenda, and they reacted very negatively on social media.

"...J.K. Rowling is the worst kind of transphobe, because she somehow has convinced herself that she has love & compassion for trans people while simultaneously denying our humanity & relentlessly attacking us," replied trans activist Serena Daniari.

"She should just admit she hates trans people," Daniari added.

Vox Media critic Emily VanDerWerff called the essay "dangerous hogwash" that will hurt transgender people.

"Do NOT read #JKRowling 's transphobia manifesto. I already did it for you. Every line is misinformation, fear mongering, misgendering, othering, ignorance, far right language/dog whistles, and pure hate. It's not just ugly," responded artist Tess Fowler.

"This is HATE. Don't ingest this BS. I beg you," she added.

Rowling had previously been a hero in LGBT circles for declaring that Albus Dumbledore, one of the central characters of the Harry Potter series, was gay.

Here's more about J.K. Rowling and the activist agenda:

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