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Woman goes into full meltdown over masks at Panera Bread — with a bizarre explanation: Pants don’t stop farts. Bystanders gang up and savage her.


'Panera Patty'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

A woman has gone viral after being featured in a video in which she refuses to wear a mask in a Panera Bread location in California.

In the video, the woman — who has been dubbed "Panera Patty" by the internet — argues that because pants don't stop flatulence, neither will masks stop COVID-19.

What are the details?

In the video, a woman can be seen and heard telling employees at Panera Bread that she should not have to adhere to their rule of wearing a mask while inside the store.

The woman tells an employee that she will not put on a mask while in the store. The employee, in kind, tells the woman that she will not be served if she does not follow the rules.

The woman becomes irate and begins shouting about the rule, and insists that masks do not prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Other customers apparently begin filming the unnamed woman, encouraging her to show her face since she's so against masks.

One customer can be heard saying, "Why don't you show your face since you're not wearing your mask?"

Another customer adds, "Wow, you're sure brave."

Another customer can be heard saying, "Can we get this lady out of here, please?"

Customers' voices can be heard overlapping, while one person shouts, "Just put on a mask, don't be such a moron!"

"You selfish piece of s***!" another adds.

She fires back, "You think that mask is going to protect you? [W]hen you fart out your a**, you can smell it! You think that mask is going to protect you?"

She then can be seen storming out of the restaurant.

What else?

A spokesperson for Panera Bread told Newsweek that the woman flat-out refused to wear a mask inside the eatery.

"We are committed to following the COVID guidance of the state of California who mandate wearing of masks by team members and guests," the statement reads. "We offer masks to guests who do not have them and make an effort to offer other accommodations whenever possible."

An employee at the location told the outlet that the restaurant provided a mask for the woman.

"After she left, she threatened to come back with her husband. She was provided a disposable mask by us, which is shown in the video, but she refused to put it on," the employee told Newsweek in a statement.

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