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'Go the f*** home!': Woman repeatedly screams bloody murder, drops f-bombs on anti-abortion street preacher in Seattle 'Gayborhood'
Image source: YouTube screenshot

'Go the f*** home!': Woman repeatedly screams bloody murder, drops f-bombs on anti-abortion street preacher in Seattle 'Gayborhood'

'I will continue screaming. Would you like that? Because I'm actually finding it really, really relaxing.'

It used to be that abortion-hungry types were intimidated by sign-carrying anti-abortion activists — but those days are long gone. In fact, the opposite now appears to be true.

As we've seen repeatedly over recent years, those who go public on a pro-life stance have opened themselves to far more vitriol and indeed physical harm than those espousing sociopolitically popular pro-choice beliefs.

What happened this time?

Anti-abortion activist Matthew Wiersema was on a street corner in Seattle recently preaching the gospel and reminding passersby that abortion is murder, Pulpit & Pen reported.

Well, a woman suddenly appeared with Wiersema on the corner and began cursing at him and repeatedly screaming at him — and he recorded most of the jaw-dropping interaction and posted it to YouTube Wednesday.

"I could hear you from where I live, and I'm f***ing tired of it," the woman told Wiersema, adding that "you're f***ing too loud."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

When Wiersema said he was trying to save people from hell and babies from being aborted, the woman unleashed a loud, lengthy, high-pitched scream at him.

"Did that feel good?" she asked him afterward. "Because that's what I hear every time I hear you talking."

When Wiersema tried to answer, she screamed again, adding that "there's a stay-at-home order that you are literally not following" and "go the f*** home, you asshole!"

It isn't clear why the woman was on the streets as well, other than simply exercising her constitutionally protected First Amendment rights.

Anyway, gaining momentum, the woman raised the bar: "I will continue screaming. Would you like that? Because I'm actually finding it really, really relaxing."

On cue, buttons pushed, she unleashed a third prolonged scream at Wiersema as he again tried to engage her; she added afterward, "Go the f*** home."

White knight to the rescue

At that point the purple-haired woman was joined by a dark-bearded white knight who — besides also never having met an F-bomb he didn't immediately take to — threatened to call police on Wiersema: "He's been doing this for weeks. Everyone's f***ing sick of it. So you can stay and talk to police and enjoy that. And every single time you're out here, I will be out here calling the cops on you because you're supposed to be at home!"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Ending his threat in a growl, Mr. Tough Guy also called Wiersema an "a**hole" and — for good measure — a "d**kwad." Yikes!

'This is the Gayborhood, and you are not welcome!'

The woman turned up the heat on the street preacher a little more, as she explained to him in front of a rainbow-colored sidewalk in an even higher-pitched squeal that "this is the Gayborhood, and you are not welcome!" As you might already know, sections of certain U.S. cities with high LBGTQ populations have been known as Gayborhoods.

"That's why I need to be here," Wiersema replied before the woman let fly yet another prolonged scream — number four, if we're keeping count.

"You need Jesus, ma'am," he managed to utter until she cut him off with scream number five.

While the white knight called police on Wiersema, the woman screamed more — all told over a dozen times.

Here's the clip. Content warning: Languagewhat else?

Public Education: Screaming Woman Tells Abolitionist to Go Homeyoutu.be

Anything else?

Wiersema told Pulpit & Pen that folks should treat the woman with respect as they comment about her.

"For everyone visiting my page because you've seen my recent viral screaming Seattle woman video, please don't post demeaning comments about her in the comment thread. She is created in the image of God and needs your prayers, not your hate," he said. "… May many be reached with the gospel through this and emboldened to reach the lost on the streets. Pray for the woman in the video."

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