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Creep tries kicking down front door. Woman in house warns she has a gun — and proves it seconds later.


'He probably had to change his drawers after that'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

One Alabama homeowner had just about enough.

Her family's truck already had been broken into, WALA-TV reported, and that prompted the purchase of surveillance cameras outside the residence in Semmes.

Turns out the cameras came in handy Friday around 12:45 p.m. when a vehicle pulled up near the front door as the homeowner slept on her couch, the station said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"They drove up. The dogs started going crazy. ... I hear banging on the door, and I hopped up. It sounded like they were trying to kick the door in," the homeowner, who wanted to remain anonymous, told WALA. "I hollered at them, told them if they come in I was going to shoot them."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Um, on second thought

With that, common sense apparently wedged its way into the would-be burglar's noggin, as one surveillance camera showed the hooded suspect turning tail and practically flying back down the steps.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A getaway vehicle was awaiting, but the crook couldn't get in right away and hollered for the driver to unlock the passenger-side door.

The homeowner followed the frightened crook and — to underscore her previous warning — fired a shot, another moment also captured on camera.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

'He probably had to change his drawers after that'

"We've been joking he probably had to change his drawers after that," the homeowner told WALA. "They weren't expecting somebody, and that's obvious they weren't thinking anybody was home."

'It's him or me'

The homeowner added that she wanted to be prepared but never dreamed she'd have to use her gun.

"You always say, 'Yeah, I have it just in case,' but how often does 'just in case' happen, you know?" she added to the station. "For us, I never in a million years until last week though that is what I'd be doing — sitting here like it's him or me,."

She added to WALA that her single shot "really was a warning shot. I wasn't trying to hit them. The adrenaline and fear took over, and I fired the gun."

'I hope they know better than to come back'

In the meantime, the homeowner told the station she'll keep the surveillance cameras rolling and her gun loaded.

"I don't know what they were thinking," she told WALA. "I hope they know better than to come back. I just don't want them to come back."

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office is hoping to identify the suspects, the station said.

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