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Yahoo News runs op-ed: White Americans 'just don't care' about mass shootings, believe in 'cartoonish version' of 2nd Amendment

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A recent opinion column published by Yahoo News calls white Americans "worse" than racist, saying they "just don't care" about the victims of mass shootings.

An article titled "Dear white Americans: You’re not racist about guns. You’re worse" aggregated by Yahoo News, presents a sarcastic apology by the writer before accusing white Americans of not caring about deaths that are the result of mass shootings, claiming it makes them worse than racists.

"Dear white Americans, I come before you with bowed head, heavy heart, and a long-overdue apology. I’m sorry for doubting you, for wrongly assuming you were turning a blind eye to gun violence," the opinion piece begins.

"I was wrong. I know now your indifference had nothing, or very little, to do with race. You just don’t care," it continues.

Citing a recent Michigan State University shooting, the Sandy Hook school shooting, and the Las Vegas concert shooting, the writer concludes that because the victims were white children and white adults, that white Americans are not racist because they "were equally unmoved by coffins filled with the bullet-riddled bodies of white children."

"You just don’t care, or more charitably, you care more about a cartoonish version of the Second Amendment," the piece asserts, before adding that "tens of thousands of bullet-riddled bodies every year" are a "reasonable price" for freedom.

The article also cites the death of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a man named George Zimmerman in 2013 (acquitted of second-degree murder), whose mother is from Peru and father of German descent.

The author, Issac Bailey, has written multiple books including "Why Didn't We Riot? A Black Man in Trumpland."

The book is self-described as a writing that "speaks to and for the millions of Black and Brown people throughout the United States who were effectively pushed back to the back of the bus in the Trump era by a media that prioritized the concerns and feelings of the white working class and an administration that made white supremacists giddy."

The article closes just as it started, with a sarcastic apology by Bailey regarding citizens' asserted preference of guns over human life.

"Again, I apologize for believing you were blinded by race or racism. I didn’t realize you loved Glocks and AK-47s more than you love my kids or even your own. I won’t make that mistake again."

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