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Brian Stelter won’t say Project Veritas’ name in reporting on ABC’s Epstein cover-up, calls the outlet ‘right-wing,’ ‘pro-Trump,’ fears anti-media backlash


Stelter's gonna Stelter.

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On Tuesday, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas dropped a neutron bomb on ABC News. It published a "hot-mic" video of reporter Amy Robach explaining how higher-ups at the network stopped her reporting on Jeffrey Epstein. To CNN media cheerleader/critic Brian Stelter, the real story was that a "right-wing" "pro-Trump" group was ginning up "hatred of the media writ large."

After remaining silent on the topic most of the day, Stelter finally addressed it in his email newsletter Tuesday night. He wrote, "Vox's Jane Coaston reports: In a video obtained by a right-wing, pro-Trump activist group, ABC's Amy Robach 'complains to a producer off-air that she had convinced one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, to speak on the record about her allegations' against Jeffrey Epstein."

As reported by Vox? "In a video obtained by a right-wing, pro-Trump activist group?"

RedState's SA Matthews thought Stelter's choice of words was "interesting." She tweeted, "Interesting how Vox, which was founded by diehard liberals like Ezra Klein & Matt Yglesias, is not described as 'left-wing' in @brianstelter's newsletter, but O'Keefe's is labeled 'right-wing, pro-Trump' — pretty much tells you all you need to know about Stelter's slant."

Yep. Vox is a left-wing outlet founded by noted leftist Ezra Klein and staffed by noted leftist Matt Yglesias. The site doesn't even try to hide its bias. But Stelter didn't see the need to make note of that.

Stelter went on to defend ABC and Robach's statements about why the reporting did not air. He then lamented, "Nonetheless, Tuesday's video clip caused widespread outrage, particularly on the right, with many commenters using it to stoke hatred of the media writ large."

That's the ticket! The problem is that outrageous acts by the media in covering up for a powerful pedophile sparked "widespread outrage." And that right-wing "commentators" would use it to "stoke hatred of the media writ large."

Stelter should go to a mirror and look in it. The person he sees looking back is doing more to "stoke hatred of the media" with his consistently bad takes than any "right-wing, pro-Trump activist" could in a lifetime.

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