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WTF MSM!? Media rush to defense of ‘Russian agent’ Julian Assange


Now that Trump's DOJ indicted him.


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Now they love Assange …

For the past three years, the media narrative has been that Julian Assange and his organization, WikiLeaks, are an arm of Russian intelligence that was used to collude with the President Donald Trump campaign to beat Hillary Clinton. That narrative was operative up until Thursday, when later in the day, the Trump Department of Justice indicted Assange under the Espionage Act. Now all of a sudden, Assange is once again the bulwark of press freedom.

It would be comical if it weren't so transparently disingenuous.

Some leftie blue checkmarks even went so far as to call Assange himself a "Russian agent." Then there's the Washington Post editorial board, who wrote in early April, "Julian Assange is not a free-press hero. And he is long overdue for personal accountability." The piece even mentions that the Robert Mueller report said that Russian intelligence used WikiLeaks as a "front for its interference in the U.S. election."

Flash forward to today. The executive editor of the Washington Post, Marty Baron, is railing against the new indictments of Assange, a month and a half after his newspaper's editorial board basically called for them.

Baron writes, "The administration has gone from denigrating journalists as "enemies of the people" to now criminalizing common practices in journalism." What happened to Assange not being a "free-press hero?"

The executive editor of the New York Times also chimed in, as did CNN's media cheerleader/critic Brian Stelter and a whole host of other media types.

All it took to get the media to defend someone they previously accused of being a Russian front man hell-bent on destroying American democracy was for Donald Trump's DOJ to indict him. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a hell of a drug.

Obama's real war on journalists …

While the media gnash their teeth over the Assange indictments, Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air highlights a new report out from the Columbia Journalism Review. You see, the Obama DOJ actually targeted the telephone records of reporters it suspected of working to leak classified information.

But remember, folks, the media will tell you that the Obama administration was scandal-free.

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