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America, Start with WHY and Believe!
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America, Start with WHY and Believe!

America WAKE UP! It is time to remember WHY America is special and the greatest country in the world.

The American people have spoken and the results from the mid-term elections are in. The Republicans retained control of the House and regained the Senate for the first time since 2006. Now everyone from the politicians, to the spin doctors, to the pundits are analysing the elections and what exactly the American people said. I have seen many different excuses from both sides of the aisle ranging from the American people did not like the president's policies, Americans are all racist, to the Democrats abandoned the president, and finally the GOP claiming they correctly vetted all the candidates in this election.

Regardless of the reason one thing is for sure: in this election cycle the American people did not like the Democrats. It would be very easy for everyone in the GOP to celebrate this result, sit back and relax. But honestly, who did the GOP really beat in this election? The only real pickup in this election was Cory Gardner winning in Colorado and one could make an argument that was solely on the stupid “Cory Gardner banned birth control" ad. Apart from him the GOP won ZERO seats in blue or purple states.


If any American or anyone in the GOP think that winning seats from a Democrat in a red state where even Mitt Romney won easily is a success, then the GOP could be headed for a nightmare in 2016 with not only the presidential election but also the potential for another swing in the Senate. The 2016 election for the Senate contains sixteen Republicans up for re-election in red states, eleven Democrats up for election in blue states, zero Democrats up for re-election in red states and seven Republicans up for re-election in the states President Obama won in 2012. They are Marco Rubio in Florida, Mark Kirk in Illinois, Chuck Grassley in Iowa, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Rob Portman in Ohio, Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. This could spell disaster for the Republicans IF they stay on the current path.

The American people should have one major problem with BOTH parties in this election and that is simple - what did either party stand for? What solutions did either put forward to solve America's many problems?. If there was a message from the GOP in this election apart from, “we are not Obama" can someone please tell me what it is? This message might have worked in 2014, but it won't work in 2016. If the GOP are to do well in 2016 the message needs to change and I believe now is the opportunity for the GOP to return to its roots and actually make a stand for something…. But what?

Principles not Policies

It would be very easy for the GOP to appease the American people and focus on policies like repealing Obamacare, reduce regulations from agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approve the Keystone XL pipeline and may be look into reducing taxes. This would be a good start for the GOP, but America you are the greatest country in the world and if you want to survive and prosper again bigger changes are needed. I believe you need to find ways to get more of your fellow citizens and politicians in DC to talk about returning freedoms back to where they belong –with the individual and NOT the government. The dialogue needs to change. I believe the American people need to look for non-political solutions to your problems and for that reason I want to focus on a different way of thinking.

Simon Sinek & WHY?

There is a great video online by Simon Sinek (he has appeared several times on The Glenn Beck Program) and is called Start with WHY. It is about business and how they can best operate and he has a simple but genius theory. Most businesses today know what they do and how they do it, but only the best know WHY they do it? Simon also states something very important - money cannot be your why in business… Money is an outcome and a result, not your why.

So what has this got to do with American politics today? I believe there is a political lesson here and everyone in America from the individual, to politicians and political parties desperately need to find their why. However your why cannot be an election result, that is an outcome.

I think it is fair to say both parties have lost their moral compass and so many on both sides have similar concerns - winning re-election, maintaining their own power and ensuring their party is in control. How many politicians currently serving do you think care more about a policy and doing what is right over re-election? Most politicians have forgotten who they are serving.

This is deeply troubling for someone like me who was born and lives in the Utopia of Ireland. I am witnessing the fall of America and how you are now following the law and principles of man. Man's law is never rooted in principle, is ever changing and will depend on whether it is popular and politically expedient. A very recent example is Mitch McConnell stance on Obamacare during the election and post-election.

Time to BELIEVE!

I firmly believe that there is no tyranny in this world or yet to come that cannot be defeated by REAL freedom… but one must believe in the message of real freedom. The second part of Simon Sinek video, he focuses on the late great Martin Luther King, Jr. and his famous “I have a dream" speech and why it was successful.

When you find your personal why, please ask yourself one question very honestly. When was the last time you spoke with anyone about what YOU believe? When was the last time you spoke with your friends, family, members of your church and said the following, “I believe America is the greatest country in the world, because (fill in your own answer)" or I believe in the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence, because (again fill in your own answer)".

I honestly believe the success or failure of America does not sit in the hands of any current or future politician. I believe that power still belongs where your founders wanted that power and responsibility – in the hands of the PEOPLE! I believe if you find your why and then share what you belief and WHY with your fellow Americans, you can prove Thomas Paine was right when he said, “We have it in our power to begin the world again!" God Bless.

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