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Commentary: America will be memory-holed if we do not act


What are you willing to do?

Photo by Stephen Zenner/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

I've been telling you for months that Sweden is the way. It has been the control case for the efficacy of lockdowns and masks, and with each passing day it serves as a light in the darkness defining the path to true science, public health and precious freedom.

But in a world of petty tyrants and jesters, Sweden may as well be the lost city of Atlantis. It has been memory holed by no less than much of the scientific community itself in too many Western countries (including our own), as well as progressive dreamers who just a year ago would have celebrated Sweden's secular accoutrements.

Because this was never about science. It was about power and control.

Which brings us to our next control case that is being flushed into oblivion because it doesn't serve the interests of dystopian wanderlust. That would be our very country. The United States, the only country ever founded on a creed, has been striving in various forms since the 18th century to prove that the better angels of our nature could win out so that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

But if I may be so bold as to go further than President Lincoln, the national dream has always gone well beyond simply not perishing while holding its place as just one option among equals. No, flourishing, and fantastically so as a shining city on a hill calling out to all mankind, has always been our land's God-breathed rendezvous with destiny.

That's why, like with Sweden, it must be memory holed by its domestic enemies, the rot within us that is on a relentlessly suicidal journey. There simply can't be road maps left lying around that point people the way to true north when the transgendered, upside down world of their warped minds are now so close at hand. Thus, it shouldn't surprise us that one of the primary ways of burning those road maps is by following the devil's lead.

In other words, they lie like their spiritual father — the father of lies.

Namely, if they are guilty of something, they will try to hang you with it. Joe Biden and his son in bed with Ukraine and China becomes President Trump's colluding with Russians. Journalism as persistent left-wing propaganda and group think becomes Twitter and Facebook claiming conservatives are the real source of bias. To the point of censoring the spokesperson for the President of the United States and one of the oldest newspapers in the nation, the New York Post. Amy Coney Barrett claiming she loves the Constitution and that she will interpret it as it is written becomes "The Handmaid's Tale" come to life. Webster's Dictionary even rallied to the cause of chaos last week and changed the definition of the word "preference" overnight, in order to keep the crazy train running on time.

It is a “Did God really say?" memory hole of unknowing and unreality that we are currently choking on just as we did all the way back at the beginning of creation. The dishonesty is so thick that, as with some pilots who become disoriented because they don't trust their instruments, regularly people passively taking it all in are literally spiraling to their death while thinking all along they are on the straight and narrow. We have been given paradise, yet we think it chains.

America used to fight against that tide with extreme prejudice, and its citizens' First Amendment rights were its primary weapons. Where there was a loud voice of decay and decadence ringing out, eventually there would be a counter and more often than not, the good would win out in the end. It's how slavery, American's original sin, was defeated. If America could prove true to its founding word against that scourge, its status as a control group for self-government could survive anything, couldn't it?

Not if we sit passively by and no longer care to take our turn as a people to stand a post for liberty. If we act, we will win and prove once again that this “Republic, if we can keep it" is a far greater calling in our hearts than “trust the experts while we Netflix and chill."

But we must act. Because it isn't the Constitution itself and its implied civic machinery, as vital as it is, that is the control group. That is merely the weapon, and it doesn't come with an autopilot. We, the people, are the control group. And as with guns, the weapons of government can be wielded by either righteous or wicked men.

So which are we? And what are you prepared to do?

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