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Commentary: DIY at-home abortions? Step 1: Make sure you know a friendly veterinarian

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On November 15, Iowa Abortion Access Fund posted this tweet: “There are 35 (and counting) known CPCs in Iowa. Crisis pregnancy centers are fake clinics that run on state funding. They shame people out of abortions and spread misinformation. Take action against CPCs.” That’s no surprise to us; we’re used to the incessant nagging of the left stating that crisis pregnancy centers don’t care about women. However, what I found the most interesting was a Google doc started by my old friend Frieda Bequeaith.

You’re probably asking yourself, who’s Frieda Bequeaith? Frieda, with her cheery, bright personality, led the abortion doula training that I took back in July. If you haven’t watched that video, I strongly encourage you to do so by clicking here. Throughout the four hours of my life that I can never get back, I realized one important thing: No matter the science, no matter the data, they will find any and every excuse they can to murder babies.

As I dug deeper through the Google doc from hell, a PDF jumped out at me entitled “How to give yourself an abortion.” If you recall, when I did the abortion doula training, this was a topic of conversation as well. With everything from drinking a certain tea to doing vigorous exercise, the training laid out a plan in which you can DIY murder your baby. But even worse than the training, this PDF pulls no punches. We’re not just sipping tea any more; we’re drinking the whole kettle.

This DIY guide comes from haters.noblogs.org, a self-described black and brown proletarian group that has “had to deal with traumatic and horrifying encounters with the state and capital …”

The guide begins by describing how to get your hands on misoprostol. Misoprostol is the second drug taken during a medication abortion, 6-48 hours after mifepristone. Misoprostol is often used to decrease the chance of having stomach ulcers in both humans and dogs. Thankfully, haters.noblogs.org lists four ways you can get your hands on misoprostol.

  • “Through a vet. Misoprostol is also used to treat stomach ulcers in dogs. If you have a relationship with a local, friendly vet, you might be able to work it to your advantage!”
  • “What a mighty good man. People have found that pharmacists are less likely to suspect men of using pills to induce abortion, and are more likely to give them pills.”
  • “Excuses, excuses. People have successfully acquired pills by telling the pharmacist their grandparent with rheumatoid arthritis is visiting and forgot their pills at home.”
  • CVS or Rite Aid.

As the authors finish up with their bright ideas of how to murder your baby under the radar, they add a warning: “DON’T put the pills in your vagina. If taken under the tongue as directed, a doctor won’t be able to tell if you’ve induced an abortion or had a ‘natural’ miscarriage. If you put the pills in your vagina, a doctor can find the residue.”

As haters.noblogs.org continues to give women advice on how to illegally murder their unborn babies, there was something big that the authors didn’t include in their article: how to be a mom. Maybe instead of encouraging women to self-abort their babies, encourage them that they’re strong enough to take care of their unborn babies. Wouldn’t that be the most feminist thing of all?
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