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Fake pro-lifers have spent years undermining the cause while swindling people who want to stop abortion


Why did the general counsel for National Right to Life tell Tennessee lawmakers to fight against the state's 'heartbeat' bill?

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You know you are dealing with a grifter or political hack right off the bat, when he tells you the pro-life organization he represents must prioritize winning back the White House for Trump and taking the House back above all else. Because that's what reality looked like in the last Congress, and still the notion of supporting heartbeat legislation was deemed a bridge too far for said hack's organization at that time.

Thus there Jim Bopp was recently in his role as general counsel for the nation's top “pro-life" organization, National Right to Life, holding court in the Tennessee state legislature and banging that drum nonetheless. And if there was ever a time when the devil was in the details, boy howdy make sure to watch this.

The state of Tennessee is currently dominated by Republicans — House, Senate and governor's mansion. So naturally Bopp was there to tell them trying to end state-sanctioned baby murder once and for all was “foolish."

Congratulations, son. You played yourself.

Not before he played a lot of us first, though. This has been the "big baby" jam for awhile now. That's a term coined by our own Gaston Mooney here at TheBlaze, who spent time on Capitol Hill working for the likes of Jim DeMint before working here. He'll tell you from his own experience the hacktastic likes of Bopp aren't pro-life activists — they're Team GOP shills that often discourage elected Republicans from actually being pro-life. Thus, conservative congressional aides like Mooney dubbed them "big baby."

When it comes to Bopp's role in this farce, I've seen it with my own eyes. Back in December 2007, I sat down with him and others from the Iowa faith community in the back of a Perkins restaurant to be lectured to about why we weren't doing enough to carry his pro-choice candidate to the Iowa Caucus finish line.

But Bopp didn't want to hear about his candidate funding baby kills with his self-named health care deform. Bopp just wanted to shill, facts be damned.

Which is why I crashed that meeting at Perkins even though I wasn't invited. When the others who attended saw me there, it provided for an awkward silence I am proud of to this day. They all looked as uncomfortable as the prostitute who stumbles into a church service. Rarely has that analogy been more appropriate.

Finally, Bopp tried to address me. Without going into all the details, he basically offered his rendition of Pontius Pilate's “What is Truth?" Babies? What dead babies?

To say the least, I objected. And you should, too. With vigor. Even when we currently have an actual pro-life victory to celebrate in the form of President Trump's effort to separate Title X funding from baby-killing providers, as was the case in the Reagan era.

There's a reason cutting 4.5 percent of Planned Butcherhood's 2018 revenue is the biggest pro-life win we've had since Reagan left office, and it has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with the likes of Bopp. Sadly, I can tell you from experience, Bopp isn't an outlier but legion. The shills and hacks like Bopp aren't trying to end the slaughter, but use it to their advantage. Oh, sure, sometimes they don't even see it, but it doesn't make them any less innocent.

Except in Bopp's case he's not innocent. That's really him on that video, telling the Tennessee legislature to stand down in the face of the greatest moral holocaust of the age. But here's why that's good news.

Cockroaches like Bopp dread sunlight. He prefers back tables at Perkins, or private email chains, to do his dirty work — lest the whole scam be exposed. The fact that Bopp was so desperate to stop truly pro-life legislation indicates his ilk have recognized they've lost control of the activists. States like my own, Iowa, and now Alabama, Tennessee, and others rightly looked at Democratic governors supporting executions of live humans and proclaimed "enough!"

We're now saying, "We're done negotiating with folks who kill children, and then sell their parts for profit. We're putting these death merchants out of business."

Yet while that's good news for America's collective soul that's bad business for Bopp. For there's no more "big baby" if the babies are saved.

But don't worry Bopp, there's plenty more issues to grift. You'll find work somewhere else, I'm sure. This is politics after all.

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