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Horowitz: Biden calls for mask mandates in response to increased cases in states … that already have strict mandates


The mask experiment is over, and it has failed

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As thoroughly as the lie of mask efficacy has been debunked is exactly how strongly it will continue to be forced upon the citizenry.

"I need the American people to do their part as well. Mask up. Mask up. It's a patriotic duty," Joe Biden said during a rare speech yesterday in which he implored mayors and governors to reinstate mask mandates.

It's almost as if these people are living in a time warp and it is still March 30, 2020, when mask-wearing was first introduced as a desperate measure to possibly slow the spread of a virus … that we now see 12 months later it failed to stop one iota. The mask mandate has been implemented against all ADA and OSHA standards — beyond our wildest dreams — yet it failed to stop two subsequent waves of spread. However, Biden is still saying, "It's the only way we ever get back to normal," as if nobody has ever worn a mask.

Just how insane was Biden's call to reinstate mask mandates in reaction to some data showing cases increasing in some states? Every state with an increase in cases has had an ironclad mandate for almost a year, while all the states that got rid of the mandate at the beginning of the month are either flat or going down.

Once again, we can count on Rational Ground's Ian Miller, the master of the mask charts, to expose the truth.

As it turns out, the three lead states in the resurgence of cases are none other than New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. It is truly hard to find a place in these states where one can go indoors without a mask. Tether that to the federal mandate that began in early February, several weeks after cases were already going down, and you are left with the mystery of how cases went back up again long after the mandates were in place. Well, it's the same way they spiked in the fall long after those same state mandates were fully complied with.

Texas and Mississippi are the only states to have had mandates, but then, in early March, categorically removed them, even locally. The morgues are filling up, right?

Nope. Here is Texas compared to New Jersey:

Cases are down 41% since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the mandates:

So, what is the truth of the matter? As we've observed for a full year, it's all geographical and seasonal. Every climate region seems to have the exact same curve. Take Mississippi and Alabama, for example. Cases are going down in both states, and they have identical curves. But if anything, Mississippi, which terminated its mandate, is experiencing a sharper decline than Alabama, which still has a statewide mandate.

Now compare that to Michigan in the northern part of the country:

Clearly, some areas still have not reached herd immunity. In some of the northern states, they will still get a natural seasonal spread in the cold weeks of the early spring.

The greatest example, of course, is the Czech Republic. In the summer, the country was touted as the global success story presumed to be the direct result of strict adherence to the mask cult. Well, that was until God had a different plan. Now, the Czechs are worse off than almost every other Western country, including the United States:

Then, of course, there is Florida, which has counties that are masked and counties without mandates. There is almost a perfect reverse correlation between cases per 100,000 and mask mandate counties:

The Philippines has the highest level of mask compliance in the world (the president threatened to shoot violators of quarantine), yet it certainly has failed to stop the spread there.

None of this should surprise people who have studied this issue. Every randomized clinical trial that has studied mask-wearing as source control for respiratory viruses demonstrated the masks' lack of efficacy, a fact OSHA promoted for years.

Yet masks are so magical that they can "work" in the states that don't have the mandates while failing in the states where they are actually implemented.

Last week, I exposed the fact that the FDA only approved mask-wearing as an emergency medical device under the experimental Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). One of the conditions for such use, besides being optional and not mandatory, is that the "the known and potential benefits of the product, when used to diagnose, prevent, or treat such disease or condition, outweigh the known and potential risks of the product" (21 U.S.C. §360bbb–3(c)(2)(B)). Also, they are only approved if "there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating such disease or condition" (ibid. – 3(c)(3)).

Well, 12 months later, we now know that there are zero benefits to wearing the masks and there are numerous early and prophylactic therapeutics that can easily treat the virus. Furthermore, the World Health Organization wrote a list of potential harms from mask-wearing in its June 2020 guidance that clearly outweigh the nonexistent benefits.

Image source: WHO screenshot

The mask experiment is over, and it has failed. Now it's time to follow the science — and human rights.

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