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Horowitz: Minnesota business owner sitting in solitary confinement for violating Walz’s edict while violent criminals are released

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

A remarkable thing about this spirit of government tyranny and control over our bodies is that it is coinciding with the era of the laxest enforcement of basic criminal statutes of all time. Violent crime is rampant, and the border is wide open. In this sense, what we have is not only tyranny, but anarcho-tyranny, which is now being used as a means toward fascism – picking winners and losers in society based on obedience to the national agenda. Our government is now selecting for the people and behaviors it desires, even if that means making a criminal of a victim and a victim of a criminal and contorting fundamental rights upside down.

As thousands of BLM rioters who burned down half of Minneapolis remain out of jail, and as a record number of criminals remain on the streets, a business owner is now sitting in de facto solitary confinement for 90 days for the crime of having her restaurant open during the illegal lockdowns. Despite 400 studies showing the interventions never worked to stop the spread of the virus, and even though even blue states have moved on from them, Freeborn County Judge Joseph Bueltel sentenced Lisa Hanson to 90 days in jail for keeping her now-defunct Interchange Wine and Coffee Bistro open last year.

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