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Horowitz: Data show record number of Minnesota criminals avoiding prison

Bill Oxford/Getty Images

With the growing crime problem in America, the fault line in public policy seems to revolve around funding levels for the police. Republican candidates for office are running on funding the police and accusing Democrats of wanting to defund the police. But there is a much more basic problem. What good are the police if both parties buy into the "criminal justice reform" narrative of over-incarceration and advocate the release of more criminals onto the streets? The latest data from Minneapolis show that you can spend $1 trillion on police, but it's meaningless if the judicial system fails to punish them.

Politico reports that Joe Biden will be focusing on rising crime this week; however, his administration will likely ignore the real culprit. We don't need a blue-ribbon commission to figure out why crime is rising in cities like Minneapolis. Even before the BLM-declared war on police last year, Minneapolis had been letting criminals off the hook. Crime Watch Minneapolis reports that the latest data show that even in 2019, 39% of those defendants recommended for prison received a downward departure from sentencing guidelines. That was the highest rate observed and followed a recent steep incline.

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