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Horowitz: Minnesota business owner sitting in solitary confinement for violating Walz’s edict while violent criminals are released
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Horowitz: Minnesota business owner sitting in solitary confinement for violating Walz’s edict while violent criminals are released

A remarkable thing about this spirit of government tyranny and control over our bodies is that it is coinciding with the era of the laxest enforcement of basic criminal statutes of all time. Violent crime is rampant, and the border is wide open. In this sense, what we have is not only tyranny, but anarcho-tyranny, which is now being used as a means toward fascism – picking winners and losers in society based on obedience to the national agenda. Our government is now selecting for the people and behaviors it desires, even if that means making a criminal of a victim and a victim of a criminal and contorting fundamental rights upside down.

As thousands of BLM rioters who burned down half of Minneapolis remain out of jail, and as a record number of criminals remain on the streets, a business owner is now sitting in de facto solitary confinement for 90 days for the crime of having her restaurant open during the illegal lockdowns. Despite 400 studies showing the interventions never worked to stop the spread of the virus, and even though even blue states have moved on from them, Freeborn County Judge Joseph Bueltel sentenced Lisa Hanson to 90 days in jail for keeping her now-defunct Interchange Wine and Coffee Bistro open last year.

A political show trial against the right to earn a living

According to Kevin Haskell of the National Action Task Force, a legal assistance group that helped Hanson throughout the case, Lisa is now locked in a single cell for 23 hours a day and can only come out for one hour to make phone calls and take a shower. They have essentially locked her in solitary confinement and are blaming it on COVID isolation rules. But remember, concerns of COVID in jails actually led to the release of thousands of violent career criminals. Yet an American businesswoman is not only being placed in jail because of COVID, but the concern of spread is making her suffer a more severe punishment while the same pretext is used to let criminals off the hook entirely!

In the Hanson case, the prosecutor only asked for 10 days, yet Judge Bueltel gave her 90. In 2019, out of 17,355 felony convictions in Minnesota, only 3,612 were fully sentenced in accordance with the sentencing guidelines. Yet a woman who violates an unconstitutional executive order that was made under false scientific pretense and violates human rights was sentenced to more than what the prosecutor asked for.

Haskell told TheBlaze that he was not allowed to sit at the table with Hanson, who opted to represent herself. “Judge Buetel reiterated several times that Hanson was not a lawyer and was therefore not allowed to present or interpret law or Constitution and that the judge would be the one instructing the jury as to ‘The Law.’” As such, according to Haskell’s account of the trial, Hanson was not allowed to suggest in court that “the governor’s mandates or executive orders were unconstitutional or against the law." Worse, she was not allowed to pass out a copy of the relevant statute to the jury members.

“On day two, Hanson asked the judge if he was going to be giving photocopies of the statutes to the jury for deliberation,” claimed Haskell, “and the judge indicated the jurors were too stupid to understand and that he would be giving any instruction to the jury about what the law is so they don’t get confused as it was ‘too complex’ for them.”

Is this even America? “So Lisa was accused of breaking the law, challenged immediately its constitutionality, compelled the court to answer to the law, but not allowed to use, say, cite, quote, nor display in writing the law she was challenging in the court trying to convict her,” summed up Haskell.

Violent criminals and left-wing attacks on government are totally fine

Now we know why they have emptied the jails and prisons in Minnesota. It was to make room for business owners like Lisa Hanson. Just two days before the Hanson ruling, the state dismissed charges against Mike Forcia, the man who admitted organizing the riot to topple the Christopher Columbus statue at the state Capitol last June. As Alpha News reports, “The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office supported a dismissal, citing a Minnesota policy that favors ‘alternatives to conviction and confinement for people who have not previously been convicted of a crime.’”

Guess who was never convicted of a crime and never engaged in public vandalism either? Lisa Hanson. In her case, Judge Bueltel waxed poetic about the need to make an example of people who try to lead political movements against the government. Yet the leader of a violent mob that damaged public property, rather than Lisa who was merely utilizing her own property against the wishes of an illegal executive order, was deemed unsuited for jail. “There was context for this unlawful act that was committed out of civil disobedience that we should seek to understand and reckon with in determining the legal system’s response to this act,” prosecutors said in one court document from Forcia’s case.

Perhaps you can forgive the state for dismissing the Forcia case, because, after all, it was only property that was damaged. It’s not like he smashed property in the U.S. Capitol, only in the state Capitol. Well, Alpha New is reporting that Brayshaun Gibson, a man accused of knocking out a Minneapolis cop during a riot last August, will only serve a year of home confinement without having to go to prison. A viral video of Gibson hitting the officer with a metal trash can lid has been circulating since the time of the incident.

Police Officer Hit By Trash Can Lid During Minneapolis Unrestwww.youtube.com

As part of the plea deal, charges against Gibson were dismissed for allegedly throwing large rocks at a police car in an earlier incident and for stealing from Home Depot at least 10 times. First-time “offenders” are only locked up if they are leaders of a cause not so popular with the judges of Sodom.

It’s not just violent criminals who commit crimes in the name of BLM who are let off the hook. In general, the deterrent against crime has disappeared to the point that carjackings are now rampant and spilling over into the suburbs of the Twin Cities. According to local police, carjackings are so common that they are now advising people not to exit their cars after a fender-bender. They say there has been a 300% increase in carjackings since 2019, and “there have been a total of 3879 cars taken.” Police are also warning citizens about being followed by car to their homes, where the criminals will rob them and gain access to their homes.

Wouldn’t the prosecutors and judges want to make an example of the carjackers by sentencing them above the guidelines? Well, considering that Gov. Tim Walz, Attorney General Keith Ellison and Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea just voted to commute the sentence of a woman who drowned her newborn baby, it is quite evident that no amount of violence is enough to keep someone locked up in a Minnesota prison.

It’s a new form of “Minnesota nice.” No, it doesn’t stem from a philosophical aversion to incarceration. It’s all about persecuting We the People with punitive punishment if we exercise our constitutional rights, while accommodating those who endanger the public with violent crime. Anarcho-tyranny at its best.

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