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Horowitz: What virus? DHS dumping COVID-positive illegal aliens into Texas cities

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The CDC wants all American children to suffocate under masks and college students to get experimental injections, but the same government is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to waltz into the country — no questions asked.

Every other country has implemented strict travel bans during the pandemic, but this administration decided to wave in more than 1 million illegal aliens in the middle of a pandemic that it is using to suppress its own people. According to Border Report, busloads of illegal aliens are being distributed across Texas border towns, even though migrants have recently had a 10% COVID infection rate.

On Tuesday morning, Border Report witnessed two buses full of dozens of migrants being dropped off at the Humanitarian Respite Center. They were first sent across the street for coronavirus testing by a non-governmental organization hired by Catholic Charities and paid by the City of McAllen.

The city has spent more than $97,000 in coronavirus testing of migrants, Rodriguez said Tuesday, adding that the city hopes to get federally reimbursed. But he said it's more important now to spend the money and to ensure that no infected migrants get released in McAllen.

Pimentel told Border Report that on Monday afternoon there were 1,100 migrants at the Respite Center when it closed its doors to new arrivals. She said there are about 1,000 migrants who are currently isolated in eight to 10 area hotels within a 40-mile distance in the Rio Grande Valley and include locations in Weslaco, Edinburg, Mission and La Joya.

What other nation does this? Why are we responsible for the epidemiological curve of other countries as well as our own? Why are agents waving them in only to discover they have the virus, rather then turning them back right at the border, which in itself would disincentivize more crowding?

What has become clear is that human intervention does not change the trajectory of the virus, but if our government believes we are solely responsible for its spread, then cross-border migration is likely the worst thing we could be doing.

If a pandemic is enough to shut down the lives of Americans, how in the world can it not be sufficient to shut down illegal immigration and turn back the illegal aliens rather than welcoming them in with impunity?

"If you're an American citizen who goes to one of these countries, you can't even come back without a negative COVID test, yet these illegals can pour over from the very same countries and be dumped into our communities," said Don Mclaughlin, mayor of Uvalde, Texas, in an interview with TheBlaze. He said that Uvalde is turning the CDC guidance back on DHS and is requiring a negative COVID test before any of the migrants can be dropped off in the city.

According to a recent ICE report, just 13% of the illegal aliens released have shown up for their court dates. The report claims 50,000 have been released, but given that over 1 million illegals have been apprehended (and hundreds of thousands more likely evaded detection) and less than 30,000 are in custody, that number is likely exponentially higher.

It's uncanny how we've seen every clause of the Constitution violated under the guise of protecting us against the virus, yet not a finger will be lifted to stop people from coming from all over the world to our border. Texas gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines is entertaining the idea of having Texas officials remove the illegal aliens back across the border. Some might suggest that this would violate the federal dominion over immigration, but what is a state to do when the administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws? If states can become sanctuaries and thwart federal enforcement, why can't states enforce the laws the feds themselves are violating?

During the summer COVID wave in the Southern states the same time last year, we saw border counties with low population density with higher death rates than even urban areas elsewhere. There is a real concern that they will again aggravate what should be a mild summer wave in Texas. If COVID can be used to send hairdressers like Shelly Luther to jail, why can't it be used to secure our border?

In March, Governor Greg Abbott had no problem issuing a mandatory quarantine for those traveling back from California; Connecticut; New York; New Jersey; Washington; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; or Miami, Florida. He even set up checkpoints on the roads leading into Texas from Louisiana to screen people and enforce the mandatory quarantine, as if Louisiana were an international border.

For a state to cut off travel from another state is unconstitutional and was prohibited even under the Articles of Confederation. Yet the understanding is that the new 'COVID constitution' permits such drastic actions against fellow Americans. By that same logic, can't the new arrangement empower states to bar illegal invasions from foreign countries? Why can't Texas troopers turn people back to Mexico? Or perhaps, Texas DPS should send planeloads of illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., release them at the Capitol, and see how they like it. After all, there is no need for a wall around the Capitol, right?
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