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Prather: Tomorrow, let's set the record straight

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Let’s discuss the state of the country as we head into tomorrow’s 2022 midterm elections.

America is setting records, folks. We are truly in uncharted territory with the current administration in Washington, D.C. Under Joe Biden’s absent-minded, addle-brained, and dementia-ridden leadership, we are seeing record inflation in every aspect of our lives. From fuel prices to groceries, the value of our dollar is melting faster than the chocolate chocolate-chip ice cream cone Joe is inevitably licking right at this moment. We have a president who won’t face the nation, won’t face real questions, and won’t face the facts.

America is deteriorating before our eyes, and our freedoms are being taken away. These are not records that I want to set. Free speech has been throttled in the name of ideological acceptance and inclusivity. Facts are racist. Jokes are hate speech. Common sense is rationalized away as antiquated. Complex and critical thinking is obsolete, and this generation of Americans has been dumbed down by being spoon-fed fast-food garbage information by mainstream talking heads 24/7 for the last 40 years. The fringe controls the airwaves and the agenda. Unelected bureaucrats and shadowy billionaires run our government and politicians, while said politicians make careers out of getting elected and subsequently make millions of dollars pandering to and pilfering off of the American citizen. They even prove day after day where their misguided priorities lie, as they care more about Ukraine than the United States.

The people in charge right now say that they are the party of science, yet they deny biology, worship at the altar of climate change , and blame every one of America’s ills on some imaginary form of systemic racism. God and guiding principles have been replaced with the exaltation of man and his every whim. Our unborn are treated as an unimportant inconvenience, and the sanctity of human life means nothing. People who have the constitutional right to defend themselves are treated as criminals when they do so. In public schools our children are exposed to sexualization like never before, and many are even encouraged to question their gender identity on a regular basis. They are taught that they are inherently racist and that society is doomed unless they learn early and often to self-condemn and self-flagellate and make apologizing for their ancestral sins their practiced agenda for the remainder of their lives.

These last few years, we have been subjected to medical tyranny, corporate tyranny, big tech tyranny, judicial tyranny, big government tyranny, bureaucratic tyranny, educational tyranny, and mainstream media tyranny, and I’m sitting here trying to figure out at what point we start spilling tea into the harbor.

We’ve lost our sense of national identity and pride, and thus we have also lost our sense of destiny. This generation of Americans will leave behind the destructive and tragic wake of a cultural storm unprecedented in human history. When America falls, who will be there to fill the vacuum where freedom once held sway as the dominant paradigm and pursuit? The evils of communism and Marxism and their glorification of man’s inhumanity to man will rush to fill that empty void, and great will be the death toll that ensues.

While the left in America continues to prop up its puppets like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and proposes candidates with the oratorical and leadership skills of an orangutan, like John Fetterman in Pennsylvania or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, those among us who claim to color with a more reddish hue will unfortunately continue to bow to the lifelong career worthlessness of a Mitch McConnell or a Lindsey Graham and pursue a cult of personality, rather than embrace the principles of small government and true conservatism.

What will tomorrow bring? Will we see a legitimate “red wave” that forces a more honest type of man or woman to hold Big Brother accountable, or will we simply see more of the same pandering to power and political and cultural ideology that glorifies the fringiest and cringiest among us?

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