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Over the rainbow: Pride month symbolizes our brokenness and what we're missing


What more could you ask for? Oh, everything.


It's Pride month, so let's get right to the end of the rainbow, shall we?

Four out of 10 LGBTQ people between the ages of 13 and 24 considered committing suicide in the last year, according to a new survey. Furthermore, 18 percent of LGBTQ respondents actually attempted suicide, and 29 percent of "transgender and non-binary" respondents tried to kill themselves.

Sadly, it seems the fallacy of "living your truth" has some very real — and too often tragic — consequences. But at least the chicken sandwich makers are on the run like never before, and Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand just made herself into the greatest and not at all awkward "gay rights" meme of all time.

What more could you ask for? Oh, everything.

Which is why Jack Phillips of Colorado, the baker who has already fended off two legal challenges to his right to make up his own damn mind about what mayhem and pornography he is willing to endorse as a product of his labor, is now under assault for a third time. And there will be a fourth. And a fifth. Because "living your truth" requires everyone else to live it as well, even in spite of their own.

Heck, even the revival of the television game show Card Sharks is making this point. In the premiere episode that just aired, a gay white male is seen ogling and even sinking his claws provocatively into the male model who flips the cards on the set. Can you imagine all the #metoo blowback we would rightfully see if that was a straight white male openly objectifying and putting his paws all over the female model? We'd actually never see it, for that episode would've never made it to air.

But then again, we don't even know what male and female are anymore, so nevermind.

God has put His stipulations in place for a reason. The One who created the clitoris, which has no physiological role other than to stimulate pleasure, and put almost 5,000 nerves in the penis for the same reason, is not here to impose an orgasm salary cap. Heck, His first commandment to humanity was to "go forth and multiply." For all of us except one Jewish girl named Mary, that only occurs the old fashioned way.

He's trying to save us from ourselves. From so distorting our form, mutilating our bodies, and wrecking our emotions to the point that we unleash Hell on ourselves and our fellow man.

Suing the likes of Jack Phillips out of existence isn't going to cause any of those data points at the beginning of this column to subside one iota. I know from experience. I didn't have the best father growing up. I thought if I bullied others, took advantage of others, and overachieved, I'd either finally earn his elusive approval or feel whole inside.

Instead, I grew increasingly hollow. It wasn't until I knew God as my Father that the real healing began. And it's not until you know God as your Creator that you'll truly know your purpose and reason for being.

Fly all the rainbows you want, but no matter how hard you try you can't change what that rainbow really symbolizes — that God judges those who refuse His mercy and offers new life to those who grab hold of it. No matter how broken we were the moment before we say yes.

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